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Should You Make Your App International?

Should You Make Your App International?

When you sit down and start developing your app, there’s always that inner battle to make your app local or international. There are advantages to keeping it local amongst them, the ability to focus better on an audience that you already know and understand very well; less costs and more targeted marketing. However there are also good reasons to make ... Read More »

Worth of Active Users – How Much Is Your User Worth?

Worth of Active Users

The industry of apps relies on user base to generate revenue. The biggest challenges are of maintaining and growing that user base, improving the functionality of the app and true engagement to avoid becoming outdated and irrelevant to the user. Like any business, it’s about constant innovation to stay ahead of the game. It’s also about understanding the true value ... Read More »

Tradable Vs. Non-tradable Apps

Tradable Vs. Non-tradable Apps

Apps cover every industry on the universe, from games, academia, languages, food, to the property industries, everything that revolves around our day-to-day lives. All Apps can however be split into two categories, tradable and non-tradable apps. Differentiating Tradable and Non-tradable Apps Tradable apps are similar to globally tradable goods and services (those that can be supplied from anywhere in the ... Read More »

Want To Build Bing Apps For Windows 8? Take A Look!

Bing Apps For Windows 8

Featuring news, weather, Bing, travel, sports and other apps Bing has created an opportunity for developers to create amazing apps for Windows 8. The Bing team that worked on the apps for Win 8 made use of key features that exist in the latest Microsoft operating system such as standardized settings and a snap mode experience that allow for the ... Read More »

BlackBerry OS – Yahoo Discontinues Its App – What’s The Future?

Yahoo Discontinues its App From BlackBerry

From the 1st of April 2013, the Yahoo! app will no longer be available on BlackBerry. Citing that Yahoo had considered various factors before making this decision, one fact remains – all Yahoo! app users on BlackBerry devices will be affected. Users who already had it can continue to use it but it will no longer be supported actively.  Does ... Read More »

Search Trends of Mobile App Development & Mobile Website Development

Search Trends

Mobile website development had started to appeal somewhere in mid 2008 and people had began to take the importance of Mobile website development seriously. The presence of enhanced mobile technologies and features started to make people realize the importance of having a mobile presence, as the searches on mobile phone started to increase with the improvement in mobile handsets. The ... Read More »

App User Base – Realistic Figure For Target Users

App User Base

Besides exploring their creativity and channeling it into an app that people can enjoy either from an entertainment or business perspective, it is every developer’s dream to have more than a significant number of users – App UserBase. The big question then is; how many users is a realistic figure for a developer to be content with? When developing Apps, ... Read More »

App Developers – Challenges Through The Sheer Number of Devices

Challenge of Too Many Devices

Thinking of the number of apps on the market from a user’s perspective, there’s a lot yet and there’s still a need for more. Thinking about it however from a developer’s perspective – creating apps is not an easy job. The sheer number of mobile devices on the market has made it even harder! When thinking of taking an app ... Read More »

A Take On App Revenue Distribution

App Revenue Distribution

Having made peace with the fact that apps are part of our daily lives, more now than could have ever been imagined, it’s great to know how much the users are putting into this market every day, month or year. There are different models that developers employ to make money out of their apps. These range from upfront payments, in ... Read More »

TV Apps – A Good Idea Yet?

TV Apps

It’s no secret that there are already TV apps on the market. Are they going to work? Does the world really need them when we already have them on mobile gadgets? What’s the point in switching to Twitter during a show ad break when one can do that whilst still watching TV? If this becomes successful, what becomes of advertisers ... Read More » for gonorrhea testing