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How To Find Free Press For Your App?


You have worked hard to build your app, the launch date is rapidly approaching and you don’t know where to find the vibes going about it. Relax. Take a deep breath. Don’t even think about paid reviews. Can you get free press for your app release? The answer to the above question largely depends on the approach you take to ... Read More »

Explore, Stop Depending On Ad Networks

Ad Networks

When they think about marketing and promoting their app, many startup app developers always think of such advertising networks like Google Adsense and Apple iAd among a variety of others. While there is nothing entirely wrong with using the ad networks to promote your app, you shouldn’t restrict yourself only to these. Ad networks are expensive, and in an around ... Read More »

So You Think You Can’t Reap From Your App, Think Again

Earning From Your App

Are you one of those 2 out of every 3 app developers who say it is not possible to break through the app market? Or maybe you are among the ones who believe that it’s an elephant task to make anything more than $500 in a month. Well, here is the news. It is extremely hard to break even in ... Read More »

Apple WWDC 2013 – What It Means For App Developers?

Apple WWDC 2013

The initials Apple WWDC stands for Apple World Wide Developers Conference. The conference takes place annually. This year it took place at San Francisco, Moscone West. Developers around the world, that is members of the iOS Developer Program, and the Mac Developer Program attend the WWDC event to share the latest innovation ideas. This year’s event was held on the ... Read More »

Taking Your App From Good To Great- A Critique’s Take

App Critique

Developers work hard and for long hours putting a lot of their inventive thoughts, time and energy into making a great product. Many developers miss to take a few key steps that could take their app from grass to grace. Almost everyone nowadays with the advancement in technology has a smartphone for example the iPhones and android phones. Developers have ... Read More »

iOS App Marketing Strategy Guide

iOS App Marketing Strategy

Regardless of the platform that an app developer gets, discovery of the app by the users is one of the main challenges that are encountered. With such a sea of applications out there, being able to stand out is decisive in the success of an application. It has become increasingly important for developers and app publishers to market their app, ... Read More »

App Icon Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

App Icon Design Mistakes

Even though it is unwise to judge a book by its cover, all of us are actively doing it when it comes to applications. The app icon is the first thing to be noticed about the app, and it can often be that deciding factor between wanting to check it out and discarding it as just one of the many ... Read More »

Ways To Get Reviewed By App Sites

Get Reviewed by App Sites

There is nothing like a good reference, and reviews are an excellent way to keep your app in front of your target audience. Your app is exposed to users who may never have heard about your app otherwise. Further, getting reviewed by one site, increases the chances of getting reviewed by other sites as well. Knowing the site being targeted ... Read More »

Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

If done properly, marketing has the potential to not just get people talking about your product, your company or your services, but also create a number of prospects and loyal followers. Marketing campaigns however, also often go wrong. They are either talked about in the wrong light, or worse, go completely unnoticed. Although mistakes are inevitable, some common mistakes can ... Read More »

Call To Action – How Important Is It?

Call To Action

‘Call to action’ seems like a vague term, all it really means is that the main purpose behind it is to get the visitors to your site to ‘do something’, take action. Now the something could be anything, ranging from downloading something, or buying a product or just requesting information. Basically, such a button is a clear instruction to the ... Read More » for gonorrhea testing