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Predictive Analytics: Next Big Thing In App Development

Predictive Analytics

App development, these two words evokes fear in the heart, of almost anyone. Why so? Because mobile is tough, the pace is rapid, users needs are undefined and the tech transforms at every tick-tock of the clock….tenacious to tackle all at once right? With the ocean of apps, sinking seems so obvious. Now, even with lifeguard, your app gets drowned. ... Read More »

3 C’s of Content Crafters: Crisp, Clear and Curious

Content writing

“Oh, writer when you write like that, you make the readers go mad, so be wise and keep on reading the signs of this blog.” Does it sound familiar? Yes, it does remind you of the hips don’t lie by Shakira. I know, you guys love her and beat me up for copying her (Partially, I have made my additions). ... Read More »

Mobile App Development: Keep it Simple


App development is a simplistically complicated process. Bumfuzzled, right? Whether it is simple or complicated? Here is the straightforward answer, app development is easy with right resources and it is extremely difficult devoid of those resources. When you set out for the war, make sure you are equipped with the right type of arms and ammunition to win it. App ... Read More » for gonorrhea testing