• App Security – Protecting Your App

    Over the history of product or service development, one of the major problems has always been to protect a new ware from being copied by leeches looking to make a quick buck off someone’s hard work. Apps are intellectual property and become harder and harder to protect because of piracy and the lack of legalities and precedent laws around them in comparison to other industries that have been around for centuries. Developers strive to ensure that their apps are well protected and there are several ways to go about it.

    App Security - Protecting Your App

    Prioritizing security during design
    From the word go, when developers decide to turn their idea into an app, they should follow secure coding standards. Having a full understanding of the information that will go into the app say credit card details, contacts info, etc developers need to analyze those thoroughly from a perspective of how they can be hacked into. This exercise requires one to think out of the box, to think of themselves as a rogue technically savvy person and imagine all the scenarios of how they would attack an app and steal important components that make it work. Using results from such an exercise developers can go into design knowing the loopholes to avoid and potential pitfalls.

    Protecting your app idea from the moment you think it. The crucial thing about app copyrights is to ensure that all the content of the app is copyrighted. Copyrighting some of it and leaving stuff out is leaving oneself exposed. It’s worse than having a coastal home that’s uninsured. Hackers and pirates will find the loopholes in your copyright should they decide to imitate your app. At least with a copyright no one can touch your app without your permission. Should they do, you can always sue.

    Trademarking is good as it will protect your app’s logo, banners, name and look and feel. There are so many cases outside of the mobile app industry where leeches have tried to copy logos, names or even worse, the look and feel of successful companies. The app industry is no exception, the same can still happen. At least with your app properties trademarked, you will have a leg to stand on.

    This is the most expensive form of protecting your app. It will cost a lot of money and the sad news is that it will take years at times to get a patent approved. However, this should not discourage you as a developer to completely forgo it and wait years for the patent before embarking on your app entrepreneurial journey. There are temporary patents that one can secure as they wait for the real one. The temporary apps usually last for a year and one can renew it year on year until the real one comes out.

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