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Lokeshvari Parmar, Working as SEO analyst for 4 years. Loves to explore and share new SEO strategies, inbound marketing, Digital trends, Content marketing, Social media trends, mobile apps and nuances in technology.
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Mobile App Development: Keep it Simple


App development is a simplistically complicated process. Bumfuzzled, right? Whether it is simple or complicated? Here is the straightforward answer, app development is easy with right resources and it is extremely difficult devoid of those resources. When you set out for the war, make sure you are equipped with the right type of arms and ammunition to win it. App ... Read More »

SEO vs SMO: Which is Better For Driving Traffic?


A website without traffic is like a body without a soul, totally useless. SEO and SMO are two most important tools driving the digital world and a matter of concern for webmasters and bloggers. These are the strategies, deciding the amount of traffic your website or blog receives. Before we jump on to what and how does both of them ... Read More »

Mompreneurs: How Do They Maintain Work and Personal Life Balance?

working mother

Moms are the real superheroes and you can’t counter question this statement. Managing home and kids is not an easy-peasy job and when they run a successful business alongside, it’s like adding a feather to the cap. Your face remains wide open when you see a person juggling with different balls and not letting fall any of them. Entrepreneur moms ... Read More »

Mobile App Testing: Always and Forever

app testing

The testing community has experienced an entire bunch of nuances by integration of AI and automation. There has been plenty of ups and downs, advancements and upliftments, challenges and issues, but the past year was remarkable and upcoming year is going to be record-breaking. The emerging trend in mobile app testing is automated testing tools and adoption of DevOps with ... Read More »

All About Ethereum: A Decentralized Blockchain App


The terms Ethreum and Bitcoin are often used conjointly where Bitcoin is more popular. If you perceive a misconceived notion that Bitcoin is the only app for blockchain technology then you need some awareness. However, both these have different mechanisms and Bitcoin is just one app from plenty of blockchain apps. Building these apps is not just like other mobile ... Read More »

Content Strategy For 2018: Bloggers Read it and Get Started

Content strategy

“Baby, I am addicted, I am out of control, You are that drug that keeps me from dying.” Ever heard this song? Beautiful, isn’t it? Blogging is like a drug, the more you do, the more addicted you become. So are you a blog addict? If yes, then my friend you don’t need any rehab center to get cured. This ... Read More » for gonorrhea testing