• App Review: Banjo


    Banjo app lets you to integrate your existing twitter, facebook, instagram, four square and linked in as of version 3.0.2. You can have on-the-ground view of what’s happening anyplace at anytime.

    See where your friends are, around the corner and around the world.

    • Integrates Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare and LinkedIn
    • Search “Places” by keyword to discover things of interest
    • Receive notifications when a friend is nearby


    The banjo app provides you to manage individual accounts like facebook, twitter. You can also block users and pause alerts apart from the general setting. Banjo notifies if your friends are near to you. Banjo also provides you a map where your friends who have checked in or geo tagged from various social networks.


    Banjo is very easy to configure multiple social networks. It has easy to use interface and it also provides with help video tutorials how to use it.


    The UI design of banjo is simple but very easy to understand and use. The UI desgin consists of three tabs where the places tab shows u different places and a thumbnail of each place. When you select a particular place the banjo shows loading screen when the information is fetched.


    Banjo consumes around 25 to 35 MB  of ram on an android 2.3 device. It requires full internet access and gps to locate you. It also requires various permissions as listed in the permission tab  here

    COST & IN-APP:

    Banjo is free to download from Google play store. It does not show any advertisement inside the application. Click here to go to banjo on Google Play.

    TAE Rating: 4.4

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