• Importance Of Analyzing Your App

    Every business owner or CEO can easily tell you that after years and years in their chosen sector, they are always learning. They never get to a point where they are so comfortable that no further learning is required. Trial and error, rising up again and continuing are some of the learning traits that set apart the likes of Richard Branson, Warren Buffett, and many more others. The same applies to the mobile app industry. Ongoing SWOT analysis and newer learning of their apps is the foundation that developers can use to better their products and operate like any other business for true financial success.

    Importance of Analyzing Your App


    Monitoring and Evaluation
    The importance of understanding an App is that one gets closer to it and starts seeing things they didn’t pre-launch and improve on the quality to get more users and increase revenue. The experience gained from the period that the app would have been on the market is crucial as the developer analyses aspects of the app such as the targeted user and marketing.

    Analysis of the targeted user
    Users’ needs change over time. Demands change everyday inline with the availability of disposable income or migration, among many other different variants. Understanding these needs will help in reviewing the current price of the app and help the developer on whether they should increase or decrease their app price. Will the price change alone satisfy the user?

    The amount of time spent on the app or the time users download the app gives the developer a better marketing plan in the future. They provide better marketing times that will ensure that time isn’t wasted advertising at the wrong times.

    Analysis help with understanding the technical aspects that make the user hate or love an app such as the app’s responsiveness, and the amount of battery it consumes when the user is on it. Improving on all these means retaining clients.

    At the end of the day, giving a user exactly what they need is how money is made.

    Have the keywords that you have been using changed? Are those keywords doing an optimal job in getting users to your app? If not, then it’s an opportunity to relook them and do what’s working.

    How are your competitors doing? If better, what are they doing differently to you? Without analyzing your app, you would probably not even see this and keep searching for a needle in a haystack in the middle of a dark winter night, without much success. Where are your users sharing your app the most? Do you have a campaign on that platform to support all the free marketing?

    Are there bloggers or journalists that are punting your app? Where are they doing it? Have you capitalized on that already? What are the ratings that your app is getting in the app stores? What are the reviews saying? What are you learning from these reviews?

    App stores through analysis tools that can help a developer have all the above questions answered have made app analyzing very easy. Not making use of them is foolish and could cost developers so much money.

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