• The New Fad: IoT Starter Kits

    With the Internet of Things slowly starting to come into reality, many companies have started to issue starter kits which can be used to help app developers experience and experiment with this new piece of technology. While we have discussed about the IoT and the effects it has, let’s take a look at some of the new IoT starter kits launched for developers today. In fact, some companies producing these IoT starter kits have raked in quite an amount of money as funding capital, being startup companies themselves.

    IoT Starter Kits

    What Are The Options Available?
    The European company “relayr” has created one of the more innovate starter kits. Called “WunderBar”, it resembles a chocolate bar with seven snap-able pieces, all of which can be attached to whatever the user wants. The WunderBar starter kit can be used with Android, iOS and Node.js platforms and includes sensors which monitor light/color proximity, movement, temperature/humidity and an infrared transmitter which lets you control a home entertainment system. The kit is estimated to be released by June, 2014.

    Similarly, IBM and Libelium, a wireless sensor network hardware provider, released an Internet of Things starter kit on 21st October, 2013. The starter kit uses 6LoWPAN communications protocol, which was specifically designed for low-powered devices and is therefore the perfect fit for the Internet of Things. The software development kit also includes the source code of the 6LoWPAN libraries so that developers can change or add their own algorithms.

    What Does This Mean For The Future?
    Although the two above mentioned examples are the more well-known starter kits for the Internet of Things, they are by no means the only one. Companies like the Silicon Valley based Start-up Company “Ayla Networks,” and Switzerland based “u-blox” has made starter kits for the IoT as well.

    Since the Internet of Things is still an unexplored field, it is not yet possible to say with any confidence whether or not this fad of starter kits will help nurture the IoT to its full potential. If one were to compare what is going on presently with the Internet of Things with when the Internet itself first came out, it will be obvious that something similar to the dot-com boom will occur soon enough.

    However, if a similar “get large or get lost” mindset is followed as it was back then, then companies and developers will have to be careful. Although there are some IoT startup companies that are too young to have been taken part in the first dot-com boom, there are still quite a lot of people from back then who were a part of those happenings and can help guide these new companies when such a time comes.

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