• Is Kotlin Replacing Java as Default Programming Language for Android?

    Java is the traditional and antiquated method for Android. Since a long period of time, Java has the monopoly when it comes to app development for Android. Developers have been used to using this language and have gained expertise in this field. Well, when someone is habituated in using something for a while, accepting a change can be a challenge. The nuance has to face a bit of a resistance in the acceptance but the strong and the sustainable change will make its way anyhow. Same is the case with Kotlin. It’s been quite a while we have been reading the posts about the new programming language or whether it will be the official language for Android app development? Finally, we have an answer. I guess all these posts have gained Kotlin a popularity and awareness in public.

    Kotlin or Java

    According to one of the reports released, the estimates suggest that By the end of 2018, Kotlin will be officially surpassing the traditional language java. Now, it’s not been that long since this intuitive language has set its footsteps in the apps world but has gained a fair amount of popularity and acceptance both from the developer’s side and also from the user’s side. Well, it was not this famous in the beginning of the year but it got jacked up gradually. This programming language was basically built to run the java on the Virtual Machine which can also be compiled to the JavaScript. Well, the language got a great applaud in the developer’s community. Even the Google concluded that Kotlin was the first ever programming language supported by the third party besides Java.

    Acceptance Rate of Google Doubled After Google I/O

    Based on the report of the realm, it is said that acceptance of Kotlin by the Android developers has almost doubled after the Google I/O. In the start of May, the acceptance rate of Kotlin was 7.4% and by the end of September, it has grown to 14.7%. By the end of December 2018, if the rate remains similar, Kotlin will capture a market of almost 51%. When looked from the developer’s side, Kotlin can be said as the Android version of the Swift. Swift is the newer programming language that Apple has come up with which has replaced Objective-C for iPhone app development.

    The best part of the Kotlin as the programming language is that it is new and has overcome all the drawbacks that have been prevailing in the java since years. This has given Android a great amount of ease in the development. In addition to this, the support from Google I/O and its high acceptance have built a pressure on the developers to learn the language and implement it in the upcoming apps. In short, the Android app development company who lacks this skills might be thrashed right away from the market and if they want survival, learn it right on the go. If you haven’t observed this shift yet, get going soon or you will vanish just like dinosaurs.

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    • When compared to Java, Kotlin was developed to eliminate verbosity of Java language & increase productivity and eliminate verbosity of Java language. With a concise, intuitive and compact coding syntax, Kotlin saves coding time and fastens the whole deployment process. Kotlin’s codebase is much more compact and clear compared to Java. Know more about Kotlin here: hhttps://blog.intuz.com/what-is-kotlin-and-the-use-of-kotlin-language-in-android-application-development/?utm_source=blog-comment&utm_medium=post-cmt

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