• Making Sure Your App Actually Gets Downloaded

    If you are here, it’s highly likely that you don’t make apps for fun but as a career. Something exciting eventually seems to have come out of all those hours or years you spent learning web or software development. To have a decent revenue stream from your app, it needs to get downloaded. How do you do that?

    Making Sure Your App Gets Downloaded

    Value Adding App
    You can create as many apps as possible but the first point in it all is to understand why your app should matter. If gaming, will it be a game app that gamers would use? If productivity, will it make the user’s life easier and help with their productivity? Once you have all this mapped out, chances that there’s a market for it before you have even developed it is high. If you are still not sure, why not to do a bit of research so you have a realistic starting point. If it adds no value, stop because users won’t waste their time downloading it.

    Descriptions and Delivery
    If you describe your app to mean something that it isn’t, it’s as good as selling real eggs covered in brown chocolate to an Easter fan who actually wants real eggs. The moment they realize they have been sold a false item, they will return it and demand for their money back. In the case of apps, they might not be able to demand a refund, but they will delete – one user lost. They will speak badly of it or never recommend other people to come near it; more users lost. Lesson; let your app deliver exactly on its description.

    App stores such as Android and iOS have badges that you can use should your app be on their stores. This makes it easier for users to find your app by just clicking on the badge and might lead to downloads. Badges can be on your website, used with reviews on non-app store platforms or through a sms campaign.

    Overpricing your app will achieve you nothing. Analyze the value that your app is adding to your users or potential users and price accordingly. Check what other apps in the same category as yours selling for or enlist the help of a mobile app marketing or sales team to help you stay within your users’ price reach. You can’t expect downloads for an app that’s selling for say $9.99 when the average price of apps in that category is $1.99.

    This goes without saying, issue media releases when you launch your app. Get it reviewed on as many different blogs or sites as possible, the more people who know about your app, the higher the chances of more downloads.

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