• Mobile App Development: Costly Isn’t It?

    The question usually hit many minds, why, I mean, why is app development is so much expensive? What rocket science it is to develop an app? Is it really that complex? If yes, then what’s that complex in it? The budget figure sets around six digits or even goes to seven. This is insane, why and what makes it so much expensive. Here’s the simple answer. Mobile application development isn’t costly. Control your emotions, don’t pull out all your weapons at me for saying this. Hear me out first, let me finish. App development is cheap the talent and hard work of developers and designers is all that makes the entire project expensive.mobile application development

    Just have a look at the numbers of apps at present in the Apple store and Google Play store. 3.4 million apps in the Play store and 2 million apps in the Apple store are there are present. All these apps are developed by independent developers and plenty of them didn’t earn even a single buck. On a contrary, there are the apps that generate a river of revenue. A single developer is not there behind such apps. There is a team of developers and designers, however, the size of the team may vary from a mere 3 people to a huge app development company recruiting hundreds of developers.

    Don’t get baffled by the numbers. So, you think the tech giants like Facebook, Twitter, Google developer and more probably manage these apps single-handedly? Of course, not. There is a huge team allocated to think of the intuitive features, work on them and keep the users engaged and invite more users to the app. There’s a lot of effort, funds and time indulged in what you think is simple. So, you don’t have that huge business and not really in the need of that huge team to get your app developed. Fairly true. Well, it still needs a team even a small yet the experienced one to get the project done. However, getting the project done is not the only agenda but in a way that it can stand strong among the competition and generate an adequate amount of revenue is also equally essential. Well, any app development company would give an estimate of 3 to 6 months of getting an app developed. There is an entire process out there which is time-consuming, starting from wireframing to prototyping. There are also changes which take up lots of time and yes cost also.

    Calculate the Cost

    The biggest factor affecting the cost is labor: developers and designers. This is why the projects are outsourced to mobile app development India. You know labor in India is cheap and yes not to forget the quality rest assured. The average annual salary of skilled designers and developers range in between $60,000 to $1,50,000. Now, there is not just one designer and developer, there are many. So, now, if you take this into consideration, your cost will amount higher. That’s exactly the answer to your question, why app development is an expensive project.

    To Build or to Outsource?

    The cost of hiring is way too much high. So, even you have the resources but not enough, you are in a dilemma whether to accumulate adequate resources or to outsource and get the things done. For a company who is not in regular need of resources, hiring them is still fine, but retaining them will be a big issue. So, finding suitable talent and handing them the project is advisable. For those companies who have a continuous need but can’t afford to hire a big dedicated team, hire a semi-skilled team who can manage the general development projects and app maintenance and outsourcing is the option for the complicated needs.

    App Business Simplified for App Entrepreneurs

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    • Nice Article. Through mobile apps, we will be able to know about the likes and dislikes of our customers. And they will prove beneficial to us when it comes to building a new app or making changes with the existing ones.

    • Thanks for sharing great Info and great tips. It will definitely helpful for new app entrepreneurs. And yes, outsourcing is the best option if you have the shortage of money. Payment can be done in parts also. Basically, for a small project there are four milestones and for a big project Number of Milestones can be increased. Milestones set by the companies so it may differ as per their norms.

      We at Agicent doing these things for years and our clients are fully satisfied with us. We mostly serve startups, Individuals, and Entrepreneur.


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