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Building an Interactive Mobile App without Code

Building Mobile App

Wait, did you hear it right? Yes, we are talking about building apps without codes. In today’s fast paced and competitive world, companies are always looking to connect 24/7 with prospective customers. However, it isn’t easy for a start-up company with no previous experience and scare financial resources to create an amazing interactive mobile phone application. Furthermore, the scariest aspect ... Read More »

Bulldash – An App That Takes Video Games Outside


There was a time when people used to go outdoors and play. However, since the inception of the smartphone and various other gaming consoles like Xbox and Play Station, people now prefer to play indoors. The virtual world depicted in modern video games is very interactive and almost as good as the real one. Mike Suprovici, the head of mobile ... Read More »

Diet Apps And Developing Them

Diet Apps

Today, everyone is cautious about their fitness and in order to be in perfect shape people resort to going on dieting either to lose weight or to eat nutritious stuff. This domain is the latest addition to the already flooded application stores. When people are on a diet, they prefer to make note of the calorie intake and what kind ... Read More »

The Cockroach Backpack App – Stop Going Too Far!

Cockroach Backpack App

Electronics and smartphones were developed to make things easier for us. Sometimes, these gadgets have also been used to teach students about some basic scientific techniques and methodologies. However, the developers of Roboroach have taken things a tad too far by developing an electronic device to control the organism. The firm has developed a cockroach backpack that allows users to ... Read More »

Top 5 Innovative Apps


The app market is driven by innovation. If your smartphone app isn’t different from the crowd, you are likely to disappear in this cut-throat competition. Although having a slick user-interface is essential in a good app, the creative idea behind it is something that can make or break your company’s fortune. 2013 has been a year of creative and innovative ... Read More »

Why Is Infinite Monkeys Making The Right Noises?

Infinite Monkeys

Successful businesses have dedicated applications for Smartphone to help consumers connect with the brand. But when you are a startup, it isn’t necessary that you will have all the coding skills required to make a perfect multi-platform app. fortunately, for those app entrepreneurs who have no coding knowledge there is a tool that can help them create web-based apps. What’s ... Read More »

Competing HTML5 With Native

HTML5 Vs Native

The increase in the number of applications and the consumers’ dependence on them has made it necessary for businesses to offer dedicated apps. Since the inception of the Android and iOS platforms, companies have been taking to the app market to promote their brand and interact with buyers. Applications can take your business to a whole new level. But which ... Read More »

Invoice Apps and Their Growth

Invoice Apps

Freelancing seems to be the best way to combat the economic crisis. With companies laying off more and more employees, people are turning to freelancing to earn their living. There are hundreds of apps available on various application stores for running almost any kind of freelance business. Nonetheless, there is something that most of them lack – an intuitive design. ... Read More »

Apps for Investors – A New Idea

Apps for Investors

Investors are generally advised to abstain from getting daily updates on their investments. Nonetheless, given the fact that news on various forms on investments has become mobile, most investors cannot resist. When this is the case, how about offering investors a tool that can help them track the status of their investments? With the increase in smartphone penetration, it would ... Read More »

The EU App Economy: 530,000 Jobs And Rising

EU App Economy

The rise of application ecosystems has definitely put the United States in the driver’s seat, a place that was earlier dominated by Europe. Nonetheless, Europe’s contribution towards to application revenue is second globally, with the US at the top spot. With increasing competition from emerging markets, Europe has to take stern measures in order to regain its position in this ... Read More » for gonorrhea testing