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What To Learn From Blackberry’s Decline?

Blackberry's Decline

BlackBerry was once the undisputed leader in the Smartphone segment known for its unmatched security features and the popular BlackBerry messenger. However, since the launch of Apple’s iPhone in 2007 and the Android OS in 2008, things haven’t been the same for the Canadian Smartphone manufacturer. As of November, 2013 BlackBerry’s global market share has declined to 1.7%. So, what ... Read More »

App Economy Expected To Double By 2017

App Economy

Good news for app entrepreneurs! Since the inception of the iPhone and devices running on the Android operating system, the app market has grown manifold. According to a report, the combined value of paid applications, purchase of app-related services and goods and in-app advertising is expected to grow two-fold to $151 billion by 2017. The application market, comprising of all ... Read More »

US To Get Early Warning Quake App for Smartphone

Quake App

If scientists at the World Science Forum in Rio de Janeiro are to be believed, a smartphone application designed to give prior intimation of an earthquake could be released next year. Researchers at the University of California, USA recently presented a project at a conference showing how technology can be used to fend of natural disasters. What Does The App ... Read More »

Apps That Have Made the Most of iOS 7

App Made Most of iOS 7

A lot of Apps that have been launched in the market by the developers are benefited greatly with the launch of the new iOS 7. As a developer (or even a user), you can see an improvement in features and various changes which are applied on this new OS successfully. This new mobile OS, offers some exciting changes that allow ... Read More »

How To Make A Photo Sharing App?

Photo Sharing App

Everybody loves photos and app entrepreneurs know that this is a niche they can expand upon. As app entrepreneurs, you need to think of creating a photo sharing app that generates the revenue required. Focus is the magical word. Know why people need photos – add some powerful features in a simple UI to draw in their attention. With photo ... Read More »

Android and Lag Time – Time to Shoo It Away

Android Lag Time

Android lag can give a hard time to users while uploading files or doing anything on the app. Think about it. The app opens up slowly and works with a lot of pause. The only option to speed up is rebooting. It’s simple. Android app developers must create responsive apps for users to give them the best experience. Few things ... Read More »

How Much Is Your Loyalty Worth?

How Much Is Your Loyalty Worth?

An app is worth what it really is. If you want something to stick out long, you need to have something that’s exquisite and innovative and manages to grab attention. At a time when most people uninstall apps in days after downloading it, you need to come out with something special. Customers seek value and if app entrepreneurs can build ... Read More »

Making Paid Apps – The Prospects

Making Paid Apps

The pricing strategy is a critical part of iPhone app marketing and this can be a tough decision during the launch. In the past few years, the application market has seen a phenomenal growth. In the last few months itself, the Apple store has reported more than a billion downloads, and then twice that figure in just half the time. ... Read More »

LinkedIn’s New Intro App

LinkedIn Intro

An Overview The new intro app of LinkedIn has created major security and privacy concerns which have become a nightmare for the users. LinkedIn focussed mainly on mobile phones over the last few years, and recently in San Francisco, CEO Jeff Weiner stated about how they had designed an application for iPad which will help LinkedIn win over more viewers. ... Read More »

How To Make A Business App?

Business App

Creating custom business app has become much easier today. There are quality frameworks available to build a robust business app for several business purposes. The benefit of a business app is that it enhances sales, helps to connect with potential customers and boosts the profit margin of the business owners. While we have discussed the type of apps that you ... Read More » for gonorrhea testing