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5 Simple Marketing Tips

Marketing Tips

A product sells only when it is marketed well – even if you have got a great product and nobody knows about it, it won’t ever sell! Marketing gives your product a personality; it is what makes the product appealing and desirable. It is important that you invest a good sum of money and time on marketing your app and ... Read More »

Why Every Start Up Marketer Needs To Learn SQL?

Learn SQL

Learning SQL for marketers is like house help for a working family, it’s not that you can’t survive without them but they make life for you so much simpler. To build a successful app, it is very important that a proper detailed research is conducted about your prospect market- what they like, what they dislike, what they are attracted towards ... Read More »

Should You Make Your Own App Or Hire Someone?

Make Your Own App Or Hire Someone

One random day, as you go about your daily routine, an event triggers your imagination and you come up with an amazingly unique app idea. And then you brainstorm every possible aspect to get every detail sorted out. What’s Next? Now it is time to start building you app, so how do you go about it? You have two options; ... Read More »

US Facing Of Downfall In Global Mobile App Market

US Losing Ground In Mobile App Market

Mobile global wide app market is emerging rapidly and in opposition to, USA is losing ground in the mobile app industry. According to mobile analytics platform Flurry it comes to know that US may lose its competitive edge soon in the mobile global app market. It is no more prominent in creation of mobile apps. In 2011 USA were possessing ... Read More »

Next Version of Android 4.4 Is Called Kitkat

Android 4.4 Kitkat

Again Android kept the codename of its new updated version of its operating system after a sweet treat or we can say deserts. Kitkat will be the codename of the next updated android version 4.4 as confirmed by the head of android and chrome Sundar Pillai via its Google + page. But there is no mention about what will it ... Read More »

How Much Does It Cost To Make An App?

Cost To Make An App

Before starting to make an app, the first problem for any app entrepreneur will definitely be the monetary availability. So how much does it really cost to make an app? The question – ‘how much does it cost to make an app?’ is like asking the question how much it costs to build a house. Of course, a mansion in ... Read More »

App Storage In Mobiles & Your App

App Storage in Mobiles

Mobile and client side data storage is a major concern while building an app, especially when there is no connection available. While building an app, you will try to store the data on the device itself. This will allow your app to function even when there is no connection available and offer more advanced and faster functionality than the server ... Read More »

App Making – What Does An Average App Make?

App Making

What does an average app make, is like posing the question how much does an average educated person make? How much one earns of course depends on a number of factors. For app developers, the first factor to consider is -for whom are you developing this app? Are you making your app for Android, iOS or Windows? Who you are ... Read More »

Boyfriend Tracker – A New App That Made Waves In Brazil

Boyfriend Tracker

Jealousy and insecurity are the major human emotions which can make a human take steps that cannot really be defined as righteous. Entrepreneur Matheus Grijo, a 24-year-old Sao Paulo based app developer, grasped this idea while joking around with his girlfriend and friends and gave the people of Brazil what they wanted; an application via which any person can track ... Read More »

New Features For Windows Phone App Studio After 50K Active Projects Surpassed Expectations

Windows Phone App Studio

Recently Microsoft launched the public beta of its windows phone app studio tools to increase the number of applications available on windows phone by allowing users to create apps without writing any code. It has been designed to give a way to anyone to make quick apps for Microsoft’s mobile OS. The development process consists of four easy steps that ... Read More » for gonorrhea testing