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A Look At In-App Design

In-App Design

A good application has the best of everything. In order to have an effective in-app design you need to assess the business domain as well as user requirements. An app entrepreneur’s job doesn’t just end with thinking if a great app idea. One should also know how and where the resources should be employed in order to get the most ... Read More »

Genres And Niches To Make An App

Genres To Make App

App entrepreneurs are always looking to earn more revenue from their applications. The total revenue not only depends on the platform for which the app has been created but also its genre. As per the stats published in July 2013, the top 10 grossing applications belong to the gaming niche. Every app developer’s primary focus is to make profits in ... Read More »

Mobile Banking – A Good App Idea?

Mobile Banking

Gone are the days when people used to throng to a bank to check their account balance, make payments or transfer funds. Today, mobile banking applications are capable of managing all these tasks with great ease and perfection. Statistics reveal that more than more than 10 million people use mobile banking of a fairly regular basis. According to Forrester Research, ... Read More »

Marketing And eCommerce Apps – A New Genre

Marketing and eCommerce Apps

Marketing and eCommerce applications for the mobile platform have been creating a buzz from quite a while now. eCommerce websites allowed customers to buy anything ranging from clothes, watches and jewelry to electronic gadgets like smartphones and laptops. With the advent of the smartphones running on the Android and iOS platforms, it has become convenient for companies to intrude into ... Read More »

How To Build An App: Tutorials

How To Build An App-thumbnail

App making is a tedious process and can cost you a lot of money if you do not know how to develop your app. Outsourcing can lead to a number of problems such as monetary issues, time constraints etc. So what is the cheapest and the easiest way to learn everything you need to know about app building? Here is ... Read More »

Tips To Creating A Compelling Mobile Experience

Compelling Mobile Experience

Your app experience has to be so great that it makes the user want to use your app again and again. Everything from its functionality to the design has to be so appealing that the user cannot resist opening your app. So how do we create such a compelling mobile experience? Here are some tips as to how one can ... Read More »

The Starbucks App – Pros And Cons

The Starbucks App

Starbucks recently launched its third app in the app market, the best of all yet. The older apps allowed you to view the starbucks menu and to pay via the Starbucks card respectively but this app is the king of all. So How Does It Work? The app allows you to place your order via the app, in which you ... Read More »

What’s New in iOS 7?

What's New in iOS 7

The much awaited iOS 7 is finally here!  Months after software developers at iOS and all app developers with apps on iOS have been working rigorously hard. It is one of the biggest updates by iOS yet. So What Is All The Hype About? Will the iOS 7 be a real game changer in the war between Android and iOS? ... Read More »

Ways To Turn Online Relationships Into Valuable Business Contacts

Turn Online Relationships Into Business Contacts

It is fairly easy to connect with someone in the virtual world – it happens over the click of a button. But to turn these virtual contacts into good business relationships is a fairly tricky task. Connecting with someone over Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn requires minimal effort – you know what the person has to offer you by viewing their ... Read More » for gonorrhea testing