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Android Apps To Make With Android KitKat

Android KitKat Development

The best time for both consumers and app entrepreneurs is when Google introduces a new updated version for the Android platform. This time Google is coming with the new Nexus 5, which introduces the updated Android version: “Android 4.4 KitKat”. The update helps entrepreneurs offer a fresh experience in the app, thanks to new features introduced by Google. And Google ... Read More »

How To Create An App That Uses The Smart Phone’s Location?

Create App Using Location

This time, we will deal with rather an interesting aspect. Smart phones help people communicate and make use of social media apps for exchanging pictures, videos and messages. Apps today are able to sense and connect where they read data from different devices. And that’s what a good app does – make your task easy. As an app entrepreneur, if ... Read More »

Blackberry Apps To Make Today With OS 10

Blackberry OS 10

Blackberry, known for its widely accepted and liked interface has now come out with the new Blackberry OS 10. Looking at this platform from an app entrepreneurial point of view, this is the right time to explore and dive more into the app creation strategies, which are targeted more by the blackberry lovers. Do not think of Blackberry as a ... Read More »

Mobile App Economy And The Opportunity For Monetization

Mobile App Economy

For monetizing the mobile app economy, app entrepreneurs need to understand the behavior of the users and the app economy on a wider scale. Looking back at history, mobile game apps have been downloaded widely because app entrepreneurs were able to figure out the needs and wants of the customer base and what interests them. Gaming apps offer a financial ... Read More »

iOS Apps To Make Today With iOS 7

iOS Apps With iOS 7

Apple introduced the new iOS 7 with features that are aimed at enhancing the experience of the user. However, the appearance of the icons, for instance has come as a shock for many users, who feel that they look ‘too unprofessional’. True, we can see some changes in the overall appearance and the user interface. This time the research team ... Read More »

Mobile VPNs And You, The App Entrepreneur

Mobile VPNs

Mobile VPN refers to the “Virtual Private Network” which is used in order to access the internet resources through the wireless or wired network connections. Such connections are generally used for the secured network connections. As an app entrepreneur, it is immensely necessary for you to get a hang about the way it works, and the numerous benefits it can ... Read More »

Mobile Loyalty: What is Better – Content or Simplicity?

Mobile Loyalty

The meaning and purpose of mobile loyalty programs is to encourage people to use and engage with a particular app by providing various in-app benefits and loyalty cards to them. These programs help to attract and entice customers towards apps and your business, thereby driving in customer participation. They target a customer’s behavior related to his social, local and mobile ... Read More »

How Much is Too Much A Cost For Your App?

Cost For Your App

In the world of mobile applications, the creators and the users are always concerned about the cost of the app. Any app entrepreneur would want that his app should not cost too much; neither for him, or for the customers. Some surveys suggest that on an average, the cost of developing an app estimates to be around $6,000. However, the ... Read More »

HotSpot Creator – A Good Idea?

HotSpot Creator

A WiFi HotSpot creator allows a user to share his network connection with other people. With the HotSpot creator, the mobile or the computer which is connected to the internet becomes a WiFi router in itself. It then allows others to access the web through that virtual router. Thus, with this technique, a broadband connection can be shared with an ... Read More »

Designing A Non-Profit App – A Look

Designing Non-Profit App

The two biggest reasons behind the development of different types of apps by app entrepreneurs are – increased recognitions and profits. Earning more and getting recognized doesn’t come easy though. Think of the iOS store. Many of the apps do not even have more than 10 user ratings! You need to know the art of making apps that people love ... Read More » for gonorrhea testing