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Mobile VPNs And You, The App Entrepreneur

Mobile VPNs

Mobile VPN refers to the “Virtual Private Network” which is used in order to access the internet resources through the wireless or wired network connections. Such connections are generally used for the secured network connections. As an app entrepreneur, it is immensely necessary for you to get a hang about the way it works, and the numerous benefits it can ... Read More »

Mobile Loyalty: What is Better – Content or Simplicity?

Mobile Loyalty

The meaning and purpose of mobile loyalty programs is to encourage people to use and engage with a particular app by providing various in-app benefits and loyalty cards to them. These programs help to attract and entice customers towards apps and your business, thereby driving in customer participation. They target a customer’s behavior related to his social, local and mobile ... Read More »

How Much is Too Much A Cost For Your App?

Cost For Your App

In the world of mobile applications, the creators and the users are always concerned about the cost of the app. Any app entrepreneur would want that his app should not cost too much; neither for him, or for the customers. Some surveys suggest that on an average, the cost of developing an app estimates to be around $6,000. However, the ... Read More »

HotSpot Creator – A Good Idea?

HotSpot Creator

A WiFi HotSpot creator allows a user to share his network connection with other people. With the HotSpot creator, the mobile or the computer which is connected to the internet becomes a WiFi router in itself. It then allows others to access the web through that virtual router. Thus, with this technique, a broadband connection can be shared with an ... Read More »

Designing A Non-Profit App – A Look

Designing Non-Profit App

The two biggest reasons behind the development of different types of apps by app entrepreneurs are – increased recognitions and profits. Earning more and getting recognized doesn’t come easy though. Think of the iOS store. Many of the apps do not even have more than 10 user ratings! You need to know the art of making apps that people love ... Read More »

Cheap Costing Apps That You Can Make

Cheap Costing Apps

The colossal market of the mobile applications has always been a fantastic platform for the app entrepreneurs to show their talent and generate immense revenue from their work. The users generally support and use those applications which are comparatively cheaper or if even better are free. That brings us to the question, what should an entrepreneur keep in mind? Well, ... Read More »

Apps That Made The Waves Till Now In 2013

Apps That Made The Waves

Every year, millions of applications strike the markets with varied features, used for different purposes. The rate of the incoming of the apps is so high that after the month of October, 2013, there were 873248 apps in the Android Market alone! Among this huge flush-in, there were certain apps which have made a mark in the year 2013 and ... Read More »

Understanding Consumer Demand

Understanding Consumer Demand

App entrepreneurs should be very specific when it comes to making applications for mobile platforms. This is why these professionals are expected to assess their target audience prior to making an app. This is popularly known as understanding consumer demand. Once an application developer knows what apps are preferred by certain people, he can tailor the development process according to ... Read More »

A Look At In-App Design

In-App Design

A good application has the best of everything. In order to have an effective in-app design you need to assess the business domain as well as user requirements. An app entrepreneur’s job doesn’t just end with thinking if a great app idea. One should also know how and where the resources should be employed in order to get the most ... Read More »

Genres And Niches To Make An App

Genres To Make App

App entrepreneurs are always looking to earn more revenue from their applications. The total revenue not only depends on the platform for which the app has been created but also its genre. As per the stats published in July 2013, the top 10 grossing applications belong to the gaming niche. Every app developer’s primary focus is to make profits in ... Read More » for gonorrhea testing