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Apple New Guidelines – What To Be Aware Of?

App Store Review Guidelines

Over time, Apple has received a lot of criticism about how it runs the App store, by angry developers who say its application review is nothing but transparent, and that rejections occur without clear reasoning. So when the new App store review guidelines, written in a rather unusual y casual style for a document, were released-it came as a relief ... Read More »

Things To Focus On For Better App Store Optimization

Better App Store Optimization

You cannot just get away with coming out with your own app. You need a market to sell it too. No wonder mobile marketing is fast becoming a crucial marketing campaign. To climb up the visibility ladder in an app store, you need to perform an optimization of your apps, to achieve better rankings and user visibility. This is what ... Read More »

What Makes Clashot One Of The Best Photo App Ever?

Clashot App

There was a time when memories could not be recorded visually. And today we live in a world, where everyone has a camera in their hands and we do not have to wait for one week for our camera rolls to be developed. It has been a long journey from film to digital and we have come into a world ... Read More »

Reasons To Cross-Promote Your App

Cross-Promote Your App

Well, this is the new fad for all app entrepreneurs looking to market their apps and if you haven’t heard about it already, you should learn about it right now! Cross promotion, to put it simply, is about adding easy ways for users to see your other apps, in attractive, appealing ways. The idea is that if a customer likes ... Read More »

How To Get Your App Featured?

Get Your App Featured

Getting your app noticed before 2008 was still easy, when there were only 500 or so apps in the app stores. But now, with the app making business worth billions, things are a lot more difficult. Every day, there are more than 1500 apps being made. So the question is- what will make your app stand out among the million ... Read More »

How Yahoo! is Trying To Revive Its App?


Yahoo is not doing well, but Chief Executive Marissa Mayer has plans to fix it. The one thing that Yahoo really has going for it is that its core offerings focus on the Internet’s daily habits. They offer email, search, news, finance, and sports. It is the company’s current goal to improve the Yahoo experience for its 200 million monthly ... Read More »

Google Glass – What’s There For You?

Google Glass

Let’s start by talking about how Google Glass works. The glasses are obviously not your typical spectacles. Inside the right arm are the parts of a smartphone: a processor, 16GB of storage, a Bluetooth radio, and a small battery. On the front, the screen can be found, a little glass square. The glasses can be adjusted so that the screen ... Read More »

Google Fiber TV App – What Makes It Different?

Google Fiber TV App

At some point in time, every person has experienced the frustration of losing the television remote. Well, it’s bad enough when you lose one of the many remotes, but ever thought about losing your universal remote? Google is working to help alleviate some of these frustrations, and the company has recently launched its new Fiber TV app for iPad. The ... Read More »

What Could Be Next In iOS And OS X For App Entrepreneurs?

iOS 7

Apple is set to debut its new versions of iOS and OSX at their annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), this coming June. The Conference will run from June 10 thought June 14 in San Francisco, CA in the exhibition center “Moscone West.” According to an official press release, over 1,000 Apple employees will work to give over 100 technical presentations, ... Read More »

How To Protect Your IPR?

Protect Your IPR

If you are one of those marketing in the online world, IPR Rights has to have more than just a mere bit of importance to you. Intellectual Property or IPR, is one of the greatest assets a person or business may have. Understanding what IPR is may be the best way to learn how you can properly protect it. Every ... Read More » for gonorrhea testing