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Key Elements for Your App Website

Key Elements for Your App Website

Your app’s website is one of the key elements to talking about your app but also an advertising and controlled editorial platform. You control all that happens on it and as the captain of that ship, you have the power to either destroy or power your app with it. Clarity and Beauty When people visit your website, you want them ... Read More »

Love Creating Apps? Here Are The Things To Be Beware Of!

Love Creating Apps

You love coding and have all the coding experience. The world of apps then happened and you just love creating apps. It might have started by creating apps for fun and then you realized you could make loads of money from it so you figured why not create app, after app? The world of apps is about production first and ... Read More »

What You Should Love About Nokia and Windows 8?

Nokia and Windows 8

Nokia Lumia 920 powers the Windows 8 phone – two brands coming together to hopefully get a chunk of the mobile market share. Both brands, Windows and Nokia pushing the envelope on innovation, the Win8 phone is a good gadget to look at in considering why these two brands should be loved right now. Camera – the Windows 8 phone ... Read More »

Saving Time – Possible Ways To Do It For App Developers

Saving Time

Creating apps is fun, and when you are creating it solely for that reason you will prefer to do it in your free time. This free time might not be so valuable to you as to a developer turned entrepreneur. Time is everything if you are looking at paying your bills from the revenue that the app brings, it’s similar ... Read More »

How To Get Better App Ideas?

App Ideas

I could be different than most people but I get these crazy ideas after a glass of wine or in the shower and then I write them down and sometimes when I look at them say two days later they seem like they aren’t minimal viable products (MVP) but to other people they are. This is when that element of ... Read More »

Should You Make Your App International?

Should You Make Your App International?

When you sit down and start developing your app, there’s always that inner battle to make your app local or international. There are advantages to keeping it local amongst them, the ability to focus better on an audience that you already know and understand very well; less costs and more targeted marketing. However there are also good reasons to make ... Read More »

Worth of Active Users – How Much Is Your User Worth?

Worth of Active Users

The industry of apps relies on user base to generate revenue. The biggest challenges are of maintaining and growing that user base, improving the functionality of the app and true engagement to avoid becoming outdated and irrelevant to the user. Like any business, it’s about constant innovation to stay ahead of the game. It’s also about understanding the true value ... Read More »

Tradable Vs. Non-tradable Apps

Tradable Vs. Non-tradable Apps

Apps cover every industry on the universe, from games, academia, languages, food, to the property industries, everything that revolves around our day-to-day lives. All Apps can however be split into two categories, tradable and non-tradable apps. Differentiating Tradable and Non-tradable Apps Tradable apps are similar to globally tradable goods and services (those that can be supplied from anywhere in the ... Read More »

Want To Build Bing Apps For Windows 8? Take A Look!

Bing Apps For Windows 8

Featuring news, weather, Bing, travel, sports and other apps Bing has created an opportunity for developers to create amazing apps for Windows 8. The Bing team that worked on the apps for Win 8 made use of key features that exist in the latest Microsoft operating system such as standardized settings and a snap mode experience that allow for the ... Read More »

BlackBerry OS – Yahoo Discontinues Its App – What’s The Future?

Yahoo Discontinues its App From BlackBerry

From the 1st of April 2013, the Yahoo! app will no longer be available on BlackBerry. Citing that Yahoo had considered various factors before making this decision, one fact remains – all Yahoo! app users on BlackBerry devices will be affected. Users who already had it can continue to use it but it will no longer be supported actively.  Does ... Read More » for gonorrhea testing