• Steps To Take If Apple Rejects Your App

    You worked hours to create the most amazing app, with all your hard work and a lot of time invested in it, only to have apple reject it. You are devastated, shattered. You have two choices now. Either you sit on your back and cry over spilt milk or you can be pro-active and try to come up with ways to salvage not only your pride but also your hard work. I’m sure it’s easier to cry, but its way more rewarding if you actually try to give rescuing a go. But first, you need to understand why Apple rejected your app? What does it require in an app?

    Apple App Rejection


    1. The word Beta indicates that your app is still in the process of development, and has not yet been finished. Though Google isn’t too strict about that fact, but Apple has made its requirements quite clear. Therefore, one of the pre-requisites of Apple is that your app needs to be completed. It will not accept unfinished apps.
    2. Mentioning on your website that your app is available on Android or Windows is alright, but taking that a bit further and mentioning it on the app description or even app store description is a big no. Marketplaces are not fond of apps declaring competition platforms by name.
    3. You need to understand that you’re catering to a wide variety of people. Not just your own states people. Hence, you need to make sure your app is localization glitch-free. You also need to make sure that your data and content fits in with other localities as well. That can be done by stating your apps description in multiple languages, and by making sure that your app works at all points of the map.
    4. Misusing the trademarks and logos has also been something that Apple steered cleared off. Don’t put Apple icon or iPhone images anywhere in your app. It’s bound to get rejected otherwise.
    5. Your app will also be rejected if you haven’t designed it according to the new resolution of iPhone 5. Hence that should be an area you work hard on during the creation of an app.
    6. Make sure you don’t compromise on the functionality of your app. One of the reasons why Apple is high on the bar is because it doesn’t compromise in standard. Thus, your app need to work like it’s supposed to, otherwise it will get rejected.

    If you are one of those unfortunate software developers, whose app has been rejected by Apple, you shouldn’t worry too much. Try to improve it where you think the problem lies, and resubmit it. Apple provides a great review process through which it addresses minor bugs and security issues. But being too forceful in resubmission may just go against you, and you’ll find yourself unable to submit anything. Be a good sport and address the issues in your app that need to be addressed.

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    • Kevin Wolstenholme

      not sure how you can say the review process is great, this is simply not the case and anyone developing apps knows that apple seldom gives much indication for actual specific rejection reasons and on average 2 days between correspondence

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