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What is Putting Mobile and IoT Apps at Risk?

Mobile and IoT Apps at Risk?

Because most of the apps are launched in rush, user convenience is given greater priority over security. In result, apps for mobile devices and IoT are finished up with security vulnerabilities. Little attention is paid to seriously address security risks associated with a mobile app development or IoT. Malware to pose great threats to mobility and a survey confirmed it ... Read More »

Education Apps For You

Education Apps

Nowadays people nowadays are glued to their Smartphones. Everywhere one goes they can see someone either checking the weather, playing games or, even in some cases, reading books. Today, thanks to this technology, students benefit tremendously as they know immediately that no matter what hurdles they face in their studies, there will be an app ready to help them on ... Read More »

Tips To Creating A Compelling Mobile Experience

Compelling Mobile Experience

Your app experience has to be so great that it makes the user want to use your app again and again. Everything from its functionality to the design has to be so appealing that the user cannot resist opening your app. So how do we create such a compelling mobile experience? Here are some tips as to how one can ... Read More »

Hiring An App Developer? Must Knows

Hiring App Developer

App development is no cakewalk. You as an app entrepreneur will invest a lot of time and money in your endeavor to develop the app. App developers tend to charge a lot and if you are investing in one, it is advisable you go for the best and make sure some basic requirements are met so that you get a ... Read More »

The Apps For App Entrepreneurs!

Apps For App Entrepreneurs

We have talked about how you can make apps that fetch the money. We talked about how you can hire a great app developer. And we talked about the latest news in the app world. Now, we will talk about some apps for app entrepreneurs themselves! Apps not only entertain you but also make your life more manageable and easy, ... Read More »

How You Should Be Using LinkedIn – But Probably Aren’t?


Yes, LinkedIn is still the place to find talent and hire one. However, many people make a page on LinkedIn because their inbox was spammed with invites and inquiries from potential clients. As an app developer, you might have been approached by prospective client and as an app developer; you might have found the right app developer for you there. ... Read More »

Should You Make Your Own App Or Hire Someone?

Make Your Own App Or Hire Someone

One random day, as you go about your daily routine, an event triggers your imagination and you come up with an amazingly unique app idea. And then you brainstorm every possible aspect to get every detail sorted out. What’s Next? Now it is time to start building you app, so how do you go about it? You have two options; ... Read More »

iOS App Marketing Strategy Guide

iOS App Marketing Strategy

Regardless of the platform that an app developer gets, discovery of the app by the users is one of the main challenges that are encountered. With such a sea of applications out there, being able to stand out is decisive in the success of an application. It has become increasingly important for developers and app publishers to market their app, ... Read More »

Hiring A Great App Artist – The Way To Go About It

Hiring Great App Artist

With the number of apps in the app stores growing at an astounding rate and with the total downloads crossing the 2 billion mark, hundreds of small firms and freelancers have come up who specialize in building apps. As an app producer, one of the primary tasks of publishing apps is to find people with the kind of talent that ... Read More »

Finding Press And Blog Contacts For Your App

Finding Press And Blog Contacts

When your app hits the market or just before it does, you want to create a buzz around it. But how do you get to do that if you can’t afford a PR team? Because let’s face it, a lot of press contacts out there, prefer receiving stuff from publicists as they can blast them even with insults if they ... Read More »

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