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How To Make A Photo Sharing App?

Photo Sharing App

Everybody loves photos and app entrepreneurs know that this is a niche they can expand upon. As app entrepreneurs, you need to think of creating a photo sharing app that generates the revenue required. Focus is the magical word. Know why people need photos – add some powerful features in a simple UI to draw in their attention. With photo ... Read More »

How Much Is Your Loyalty Worth?

How Much Is Your Loyalty Worth?

An app is worth what it really is. If you want something to stick out long, you need to have something that’s exquisite and innovative and manages to grab attention. At a time when most people uninstall apps in days after downloading it, you need to come out with something special. Customers seek value and if app entrepreneurs can build ... Read More »

Creating The Right Mobile Experience For iOS Users

Mobile Experience for iOS Users

To create the right mobile experience, you need to follow the changing trends and principles of designing and developments. As app entrepreneurs, you need to be particular about the things to implement in the apps and the way to go about it. Design Principle App creators must follow the design principle for a better user experience. For example, on iOS ... Read More »

Blackberry Apps To Make Today With OS 10

Blackberry OS 10

Blackberry, known for its widely accepted and liked interface has now come out with the new Blackberry OS 10. Looking at this platform from an app entrepreneurial point of view, this is the right time to explore and dive more into the app creation strategies, which are targeted more by the blackberry lovers. Do not think of Blackberry as a ... Read More »

iOS Apps To Make Today With iOS 7

iOS Apps With iOS 7

Apple introduced the new iOS 7 with features that are aimed at enhancing the experience of the user. However, the appearance of the icons, for instance has come as a shock for many users, who feel that they look ‘too unprofessional’. True, we can see some changes in the overall appearance and the user interface. This time the research team ... Read More »

Understanding Consumer Demand

Understanding Consumer Demand

App entrepreneurs should be very specific when it comes to making applications for mobile platforms. This is why these professionals are expected to assess their target audience prior to making an app. This is popularly known as understanding consumer demand. Once an application developer knows what apps are preferred by certain people, he can tailor the development process according to ... Read More »

A Look At In-App Design

In-App Design

A good application has the best of everything. In order to have an effective in-app design you need to assess the business domain as well as user requirements. An app entrepreneur’s job doesn’t just end with thinking if a great app idea. One should also know how and where the resources should be employed in order to get the most ... Read More »

The Apps For App Entrepreneurs!

Apps For App Entrepreneurs

We have talked about how you can make apps that fetch the money. We talked about how you can hire a great app developer. And we talked about the latest news in the app world. Now, we will talk about some apps for app entrepreneurs themselves! Apps not only entertain you but also make your life more manageable and easy, ... Read More »

Should You Make Your Own App Or Hire Someone?

Make Your Own App Or Hire Someone

One random day, as you go about your daily routine, an event triggers your imagination and you come up with an amazingly unique app idea. And then you brainstorm every possible aspect to get every detail sorted out. What’s Next? Now it is time to start building you app, so how do you go about it? You have two options; ... Read More »

US – App Prospects

US - App Prospects

Even in the downturn, the US market remains a strong contributor to the economy of the mobile apps. U.S people love technology and the need of efficient applications for the systems is a premier need of the people. So, what should you as an app developer be looking to? The prospects for the application development avenue in the U.S can ... Read More »

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