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So You Think You Can’t Reap From Your App, Think Again

Earning From Your App

Are you one of those 2 out of every 3 app developers who say it is not possible to break through the app market? Or maybe you are among the ones who believe that it’s an elephant task to make anything more than $500 in a month. Well, here is the news. It is extremely hard to break even in ... Read More »

Mobile App As Business And How To Start One!

Mobile App As Business

Traditional desktop computers to browse the internet? Well, more people like doing them from their smart phones now! With the trend, mobile business apps are jumping on to the bandwagon, and so is the industry of mobile applications. While app economy is buzzing, the mobile apps market is a sure investment when thinking about starting your own business. Proper Research ... Read More »

App Promotion – Beware of These!

App Promotion - Beware of These

Once the app goes to the market, as developers we try all marketing and promotions stunts we know. Our hired marketing team suggests a way to create a buzz around our app and hopefully turn all of that into a successful app. Purchasing Endorsements It’s great to have an app that is endorsed by credible individuals in the industry. Not ... Read More »

Making Sure Your App Actually Gets Downloaded

Making Sure Your App Gets Downloaded

If you are here, it’s highly likely that you don’t make apps for fun but as a career. Something exciting eventually seems to have come out of all those hours or years you spent learning web or software development. To have a decent revenue stream from your app, it needs to get downloaded. How do you do that? Value Adding ... Read More »

Worth of Active Users – How Much Is Your User Worth?

Worth of Active Users

The industry of apps relies on user base to generate revenue. The biggest challenges are of maintaining and growing that user base, improving the functionality of the app and true engagement to avoid becoming outdated and irrelevant to the user. Like any business, it’s about constant innovation to stay ahead of the game. It’s also about understanding the true value ... Read More »

Tradable Vs. Non-tradable Apps

Tradable Vs. Non-tradable Apps

Apps cover every industry on the universe, from games, academia, languages, food, to the property industries, everything that revolves around our day-to-day lives. All Apps can however be split into two categories, tradable and non-tradable apps. Differentiating Tradable and Non-tradable Apps Tradable apps are similar to globally tradable goods and services (those that can be supplied from anywhere in the ... Read More »

App User Base – Realistic Figure For Target Users

App User Base

Besides exploring their creativity and channeling it into an app that people can enjoy either from an entertainment or business perspective, it is every developer’s dream to have more than a significant number of users – App UserBase. The big question then is; how many users is a realistic figure for a developer to be content with? When developing Apps, ... Read More »

The App Poverty Line – Going Above It?

The App Poverty Line

According the Developer Economics 2012 survey – out of three app developers, only one can actually afford to live off the revenue from their apps, the rest have to depend on other sources of income to put food on the table. This puts two thirds of developers out there, below the app poverty line. The big question that remains to ... Read More »

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