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5 Interesting Things to Know About HTML5


HTML5 is now a fast growing keyword in job listings. A graph from Indeed.com shows that recruiters asking for knowledge of HTML5 started getting higher meteorically in 2010, and the rise has not yet stopped. What is it? HTML5 is an upgrade to the old HTML4 markup language that is used all over the Internet. In fact, HTML4 is the ... Read More »

HTML5 Vs Native Vs Hybrid Apps

HTML5 Vs Native

The debate as to which development platform is better for creating apps doesn’t seem to be concluding anytime soon. Should you be building mobile phone apps in native code on each platform or should you use a cross platform code, like HTML5? However, developers are just avoiding this debate and opting for what suits their requirements. The survey was conducted ... Read More »

HTML5 Adoption – Too Soon?

HTML5 Adoption

There has been so much controversy around HTML5 in the app development industry; rising potential fragmentation when it comes to web standards among other concerns. Despite the controversy adoption of HTML5 by developers in app development has not slowed down, it continues to grow. Why HTML5? When developing a native app for either Android or iOS, you would have to ... Read More »

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