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I Am Alive – It’s All about Being Alive

I Am Alive

Developers need to think out of the box and address real life problems. You cannot really taste success by developing tried and tested apps. A classic example would be developing a Subway Surfer or Temple Run themed game app, where the main character runs along the road. You need to think of an app that people could really use and ... Read More »

mHealth Apps Statistics: What It Holds In The Long Run?

mHealth Apps Statistics

For many of us app developers, the world of mHealth apps still do not seem real. mHealth or Mobile Health is one of the newly sprouting arenas as far the health and technology relativity is considered. This method is a way of making and maintaining human health by virtue of mobile phone applications through different app markets like android, iOS, ... Read More »

mHealth Apps: Too Good A Bargain?

mHealth Apps

We all know about mHealth apps by now. However, most developers show apprehension when asked about designing a mHealth app. More, not many app entrepreneurs want to embark out into this lucrative app niche too. Ever wondered why? Well, it is because of the apprehension that the mHealth app would not be as great as it should be. Well, with ... Read More »

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