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How Yahoo! is Trying To Revive Its App?


Yahoo is not doing well, but Chief Executive Marissa Mayer has plans to fix it. The one thing that Yahoo really has going for it is that its core offerings focus on the Internet’s daily habits. They offer email, search, news, finance, and sports. It is the company’s current goal to improve the Yahoo experience for its 200 million monthly ... Read More »

BlackBerry OS – Yahoo Discontinues Its App – What’s The Future?

Yahoo Discontinues its App From BlackBerry

From the 1st of April 2013, the Yahoo! app will no longer be available on BlackBerry. Citing that Yahoo had considered various factors before making this decision, one fact remains – all Yahoo! app users on BlackBerry devices will be affected. Users who already had it can continue to use it but it will no longer be supported actively.  Does ... Read More »

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