• The Next Android Version – What To Expect For Developers?

    Right now, most techy geeks, lovers, whatever you choose to call them are waiting anxiously for the next Android version, Version K, which is being dubbed as Key Lime Pie. It’s most likely to be released at the Google yearly conference, which takes place in May. Some may wonder if there’s a reason to be anxious. Others aren’t bothered but just expecting better things such as fixing the many bugs on the Android operating system.

    The Next Android Version

    For developers, that conference weighs heavily on their shoulders. Will the release of the K version make their jobs an easy one or will it make it tough for them to translate their creativity into a product that the ordinary man on the street can understand?

    Technology is about doing better than the last job, so the next Android version is likely to have better resolution on larger screens. Users have become accustomed to big screens Speed will probably be faster as well. We all understand that to achieve this, the Android K would need larger memory and storage space – how will it strike the balance between achieving this and a longer battery life?

    Are developers just going to accept re-writing their apps for a newer screen layout?

    They might not, but to keep the quality of their apps so they don’t appear broken on screens, they will have to rewrite them.

    We are expecting Version K to have higher resolution images; the users demand it so it’s likely to happen. Apple has that already so Android will try and outdo what they are currently offering. The million-dollar question though is if app developers can invest so much as compared to Apple who already is perceived to provide high quality apps and users trust them with their lives.

    If app developers are to stand a survival chance in the Windows app store, they might not have a choice but to invest in higher resolution apps.

    As the apps competition getsfiercer, developers are going to have to prepare themselves to do more upgrades to their apps then in the past.

    Failure to do so might mean losing users and revenue. It’s a tough year ahead.

    The fact that rumors are all saying the Key Lime Version will be launched on LG Nexus 5 and Nexus 7.7 is most likely to be true. Considering Google launched its current version, Jelly Bean on a Nexus 4, which has since gone out of production, the rumors could be true. Where there’s a smoke, there’s a fire.

    I personally think that developers should be looking beyond apps that are stand alone on a mobile platform but that can do better linked with every gadget currently on the market. Think much better apps that allow for remote control of every electrical gadget in the house. Think carbon-tracking apps for the wealthy market, for limousine and private jet companies. So much could change in May but the competition won’t change much except that it will get tougher.

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