• US Facing Of Downfall In Global Mobile App Market

    Mobile global wide app market is emerging rapidly and in opposition to, USA is losing ground in the mobile app industry. According to mobile analytics platform Flurry it comes to know that US may lose its competitive edge soon in the mobile global app market. It is no more prominent in creation of mobile apps. In 2011 USA were possessing 45 percent of world app market and it has been slipped to 36 percent in 2013.

    US Losing Ground In Mobile App Market
    More mobile apps are being build outside rather than in USA , though It has been found that the apps US app makers creates are more engaging, and reckon more users. In 2011, 2012 75 to 76 percent active apps were created in the USA; it has been decreasing to 70 percent of the market share in 2013. Being slow in thinking about localization efforts, US developers have ridden the app wave so far resting on the fact that English is one of the world’s dominant languages. In front of US, Finland, Denmark and Slovenia are some countries have preferred to take advantage of localization opportunities.

    Flurry also noted the all over ratio of the total time spent in apps by user country and the apps development country. US made apps are used 59 percent domestically, while in china its 64 percent. Flurry also writes that US made apps only account for 16 percent of total time spent in apps in china. Domestic app usage in UK, Brazil is 13 percent and 8 percent respectively. Cost of producing app is relatively in expensive that contribute towards the globalization of app market but cost of promotion is still rising.

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    • UI Palette

      This is really promising – as an American entrepreneur in Silicon Valley / SF, it’s amazing to see the truly global nature of the developers, even living in America. The more global this phenomenon becomes, the stronger and longer-lived our industry will be. One country may have hard times, but a global industry such as this will endure- happy to hear from anyone who disagrees, but otherwise, I agree with the author’s fascination on this article’s topic, and I only diverge, in my totally positive take on the situation. I can’t wait until the US’ share dips below even 30%, because in the end, they’re still going to want to come to SF and demo their prototypes!

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