aCar – A Car Management App

Do you think your car is not giving the mileage it should? Do you feel that you need to take better care of your car? Does your car plague you with problems a bit too often? Well, you might just be in need of the aCar app!

aCar is an all in one app for Android devices and is meant for effectively tracking the fuel mileage of vehicles. The app also monitors the costs, maintenance, trips and general expenses of the vehicles. aCar is the right tool that helps the users to determine when their vehicles operate at their best performance. Get best online car cover at affordable rates.

The app is developed by ZoneWalker LLC, and is an entirely good concept, something that android users would love! With 500,000+ downloads, the app can serve as a model for all app entrepreneurs out there to learn from!

aCar - A Car Management App

Functionality: (4.8/5)

At any given moment, aCar provides its users with tons of descriptive statistics, information and charts to aware them of the performance of their vehicle. The app is equipped with highly customizable reminders which never let the users to miss the service date of the vehicles. Users can also input the specifications of their vehicle parts. They can even track their business and non-business trips in detail.

The app comes in free and pro version. The pro version allows the users to export records and statistics to a compatible CSV formats and HTML formats.

Usability: (4.5/5)

The app supports all kind of vehicles including bikes. Users can calculate fuel economy or fuel mileage in different units such as Km/Litre, MPG, mi/L, Km/gal, etc. Users can also share their data on Facebook and Twitter (yes, social media has made its way to the details of a car’s health, as well!). Using the pro version, data charts can be shared and the presence of Home screen widgets in the app allows users to quickly access their important information, making the app even more convenient and demanding.

UI Design: (4.8/5)

The app offers extremely clean, user friendly and advanced interface. Entering the data is painless and very easy. The console screen of the app contains several icons such as Fill-up record, Service record, Expense record, Trip record, Vehicle, Charts, Statistics, Search report, and a many more options to browse. At the bottom of the page is displayed Status and Trends option which tabularizes the recent data records.

The pro version also allows the users to change the language according to their preference and provide them with full screen charts.

Resources: (5/5)

The aCar application is quite small, sizing just around 5 MB. The app does not consume much of the RAM. The app though requires a number of permissions such as precise location (network and GPS based), full network access, storage- as the app can be moved to storage card, view network connections and a few more to mention.

Cost: (4.4/5)

The aCar app is free to download from the Google Play market. The pro version can be installed by buying the license from the market place. The free version though works fine, unless you want a bit too many details!




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