Advertisements On The iPad – A Year By Year Evaluation

As each year asses by, we find ourselves more and more engrossed in our smartphones and tablets. Initially, there were just ordinary phones which meant an extraordinary deal for people, but gradually technology paved way for better and more innovative devices and we found ourselves in a position we are today. Everybody, may that be a child, or an adult, is completely and utterly obsessed by the world of phones and similar gadgets. Leading the charts like always is Apple. Ipad, a tablet initially launched by Apple on the 3rd of April, 2010, had its recent model released on 2nd November, 2012. Just mere two years, have made Apple set the bar even higher for innovation and creativity. But the management team of Apple did not breathe a sigh of relief after creating the latest Ipad model; rather they started working on promoting it through various advertisements.

Advertisers’ in the seventh heaven
Advertisers don’t need to think too creatively for an iPad, because what they see is a screen almost as big as a desktop screen. Hence size is already balanced here, which results in one less facet to think inventively for. Smaller smartphone screens require a whole new game plan, but not an iPad. While using an iPad our defenses are generally down, as the comfort and ease that a tablet provides, no other gadget has yet been able to provide. And with our defenses down, advertisers see an opportunity to have a go at us, eventually getting us. Thus, it wouldn’t be too far from the truth to say that iPad are advertisers dream come true.

iPad mini vs. iPad
Initially, when iPad mini was introduced, its ad campaign only consisted of the dramatic size difference by placing it next to an iPad, or simply putting it in a lone hand, thus depicting the huge difference in their sizes.

But recently the ads have started climbing the stairs of success in huge leaps. The new ad focuses on showcasing the different ways in which Apple still has a lead over its rivals.

A year by year evaluation
2010 – It was the year when iPad was introduced. It focused on advertising how iPad was ageless and it showed a 4 year old child being completely besmirched by the iPad. Almost as though, it contained magic to envelop your senses.

2011 – The year of iPad 2. Or simply a statement of belief. Apple advertised it by showing through amusing visuals that technology alone does not have the power to be enough, but when technology creates chaos and moves out of the way, then it sweeps you off the earth. The design and features were portrayed glamorously too.

2012 – Introducing iPad Mini with a flair. Its advertisement showed a young girl singing ‘I’ll be home for Christmas’ for her grandfather. The ease and warmth of this ad spoke octaves louder than mere words would ever have been able to.


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