All You Need To Know About The Developer Preview of Android P

A big Android update is around the corner and the developer preview is here. The update is coming up with a plethora of visual and functional changes. The major changes revolve around app development, security and optimizations. Some eye-pleasing colors are about to get popped in the newer version and it is going to get a more style equipped look. Well, let’s just not waste more time and get started with the revelation of the features of Android P. If you are an Android app development company, you can install the developers preview on any of these devices, Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL.

Know About Developer Preview of Android P

1) Google Reply

There is a feature of smart reply in the Google Allo, which is now been added to the Android P and will also be applicable to other chatting apps. The entire chat will be now displayed in the notification and also let the users reply the messages directly from the notification without opening the app.

2) Screenshot Through Power Button and Volume Slider Moves to Slide

One of the massive change evident with the Android P is in the option of the power button. Now, with the long pressing of the power button, you will also see the option in the screenshot. The volume slider has also moved from the top of the phone screen to the side of the phone. In short, it has shifted from the vertical position to the horizontal one.

3) Visual Retreat

The newer version will be filled with colors, settings will be redesigned and there will be changes in the shades of notification and features. The overview of the platform is almost similar to that of the previous Oreo version, but with fascinating and eye-catching colors.

Know About Developer Preview of Android P

4) Multi-Camera API

With the trend of multiple cameras on phone, the newer version devices can now support multiple streams from two or more cameras. Newer API comes up with a fused camera stream which switches automatically between two or more lenses. This feature of Android P will enable stereo vision, bokeh and seamless zoom features.

5) Rotation Enabled Despite Auto-Rotate Disabled

Portrait mode is now renamed as rotation lock with the Android P version. The nuance here in this feature is that screen rotate is possible even by keeping the auto-rotate disabled with the placement of a new navigation bar icon.

6) Text Zooming Feature

For those who intend to zoom just a specified portion of the tool, Android P has a new magnifier tool.

7) Vertical Swiping

The transition while opening the app and returning is through vertical swiping just like you do in Tinder. With Android P, you can do it with all the apps.

8) Vibrate while Pulling Down Notification

There is a minor update to the newer version, the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL will vibrate while pulling down the notification list. If you dislike this feature, you are allowed to disable it by going to system sound settings.

9) Simple Settings for Location

Android P has simplified the location settings. There is just the on/off toggle and the user can now select from the battery saving, high accuracy, and the device only options.

10) DND Simplified

In the current version, there were several modes like entire silence, only alarms, and only priority. With the newer version, there is just one single DND option. Users can also change according to their priority under the ‘Behavior’ menu in the sound settings. This menu will include options like whether to receive calls or alarms. Also, there are options like system feedback and repeat callers. As there is an absence of quick settings, users get a pop-up.

11) Security and Privacy Tightened

This is about the background privacy. When the app is left idle or unused, the access to camera, sensor, and microphone are restricted. An error will be generated if the app intends to use them.

12) Video Quality and Image Compression

The Android P version will have built-in support for HDR VP9 video quality. HDR capable devices will be enabled to play HDR enabled videos from YouTube and play movies. Also, the storage space on the device will be used less with the newer version as HEIF format will have improved image compression.

13) Indoor Positioning

The newer version will have the feature of indoor positioning. This feature is called Wi-Fi round trip time. This feature analyzes the distance between the device and nearby wireless access points. The device can know the distance between three or more access points and can calculate the accuracy within 1 to 2 meters. This will allow location-based information, voice controls like switching the lights on and in-building navigation.

This was the developer’s preview of the Android P for the mobile app development companies to make the devices ready. Before its actual release, Google might add some of the enticing features or make modifications in the already existing ones.


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