Android KitKat – Time to Have Optimized Apps for It

No more eating Ice cream sandwich or taking jellybeans, it is time to rock with KitKat. April’s monthly OS distribution data report by Google suggests that Android KitKat, the latest OS in Google’s smart phone offerings, has climbed up to have over 8.5% shares of all Android devices in the month.

However, Android Jelly Bean still remains the favorite, powering the majority of Android devices and in March had a share of over 61%. What’s been surprising about Android KitKat though is the sharp raise in its share, with just 1.1% in March to 8.5% in April, a gain over around 7.4% in just one month. The Android KitKat OS is still only present in few of the devices, including the Nexus line, the Moto X and Moto G as well as few others like Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One (M8).

On the other hand, Ice Cream Sandwich, or Android 4.0’s share fell from 14.3% in March to 13.4% in April. Among the still older Android OS, Android Honeycomb or version 3.2 as well as Android Gingerbread had shares of 0.1% and 16.2% respectively. Android 2.2 Froyo also had around 1% share.

Android 4.0.x or Ice Cream Sandwich, in Google’s April report, registered a share of 13.4%, when compared to 14.3% in March.

The data is not entirely accurate, as Google collects the data when the device user visits the Play Store. However, it is true that in some ways this represents a much more active user base of the different Android systems.

What This Means for Android Developers?
As many developers would already know, it is important to make apps that cater to a larger audience. Android KitKat and its share in the Android Environment are bound to get bigger with Google specifically focusing on making users upgrade their devices to Android KitKat. What’s more, the Android KitKat ecosystem is a lot more fluid and can work in devices that have just 512 MB RAM. In fact, Google itself stated that KitKat can run on many entry level smart phones, which we have seen come true with the recent launch of Moto E, a phone that costs just around $100 and features a lot of cool features. Google has promised a guaranteed upgrade to Moto E as well.

To put it simply, Android KitKat will surely see a further spurt in its userbase. Creating optimized apps for Android 4.0+ versions seem to be the way to go for app developers now. With increased flexibility in KitKat developers can design optimized apps for KitKat as well. An optimized game brings in more downloads, happier customers and better ROI and profits in return.


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