Android L: Features and Review

It isn’t a name like Google’s Android devices had before. But then, while we had quirky and fun names, something big and exciting deserves an amazing name.

Google has named its upcoming mobile Android OS as the Android L.  The update will change how your Android OS looks in your phone. The Android L is already available for developers and will be available commercially sometime this fall. So, what are the new features?

Android L

1. New UI
The new Android L will feature an exclusive new design, changing the way Android looks on our smart phone screens. With animation, shadows and real life seeming objects, it just couldn’t get better. Google says this will be the first time that pixels will not just have width but depth as well, something they call as Material Design. There are new ways to access notifications too and you can access them right from the lock screen. You can just swipe up and down to display and hide notifications.

2. Personal Authentication The New Way
While Apple has been banking on its fingerprint sensor as a means for personal identification, your Smartphone can look at a number of factors including Bluetooth signal and location to determine whether you are really YOU. Voiceprints will also be used to determine if you are the real owner.

3. Performance Improvement
It is not just the UI that Google has changed but the OS has undergone performance improvements too. Featuring ART, a new run time compiler, the Android device will run twice as fast as devices running on the previous Dalvik run time compiler. Effectively, it means considerably less lag time and more enjoyment as a user!

4. Graphics Boost And Battery Optimization
Featuring the new Android Extension Pack is sure to have your phones experience new graphics capability. Improving how graphics look and run, Google has also ensured that the battery life isn’t compromised. With Project Volta, you can experience more UI smoothness thanks to the tool Battery Historian. Telling you all about what apps are using your phone battery, it can stop those apps as well to stop device battery drainage.

5. New Way To Separate Data
Now, data for corporate and personal accounts can be kept separate – a great news for employers wanting to monitor their employees.

Apart from this, there are other features like the new keyboard UI and new quick settings with options like Do Not Disturb Mode. Which option are you looking at the most in Android L? Let us know.


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