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Apps That Made The Waves Till Now In 2013


Every year, millions of applications strike the markets with varied features, used for different purposes. The rate of the incoming of the apps is so high that after the month of October, 2013, there were 873248 apps in the Android Market alone! Among this huge flush-in, there were certain apps which have made a mark in the year 2013 and their entrepreneurs have benefited from them big time!

  • Business Calendar: For any application entrepreneur who wants to create a business app, this one is worth looking forward to. It provides for superb facilities which a busy businessperson would require in scheduling his day. For example, graphical presentation, contact link to an event, template creation for an event and so on.
  • Adobe Photoshop Express: The Adobe Photoshop is one of the best applications which have been created for the iPhone so far! It takes the job of digital photography to a new level through its phenomenal photo-editing techniques. It provides for numerous photo effects and also lets the direct connectivity to the social networks through sharing.
  • MetaCert Safeguards: If, as an application entrepreneur, you want to generate a child lock security app, then this will give you an idea how to do it. It empowers the parents to block the Android apps on the tablet which they feel may be detrimental to their child’s morals and ethics.
  • Dots: Many consider this game application as “ridiculously addictive” and rightly so. It literally works on the principle of ‘joining the dots’ as the player has to join as much same colored dots as possible in a minute. Also, it provides for the multiplayer options by competing against your friends through social networking sites.
  • Contacts+: This is an ideal iPhone application for all the contact purposes. It is one of the most efficient Contacts apps available in the markets. It synchronizes the contact list with the social networks and allows quick dialing and contact prioritizing by importance rather than the alphabetic ordering.
  • Converter Plus: The Converter-Plus can convert anything! It is actually an all in one calculator application, which can be used for converting various units into each other. In addition to the simple metric, temperature and distance conversion, the app is also capable of converting cooking volumes and loan-interest figures. Ideal for the business-strata!
  • Dropbox: This is one of the most efficient applications to store different types of files at a single place. It mitigates the haphazard presence of various files in different places. You can synchronize all your files with Dropbox and whenever, you need any of them, you can consult it rather than trying to find them here and there. It is known for its easy uploading and quick syncing features.



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