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The Battle of The Smart Watch and The Smart Phone


You wear it around your wrists. You see the time like a traditional guy. You play games like you are a 1990’s game fan. You send emails like you are a professional pro. You read Facebook notifications and post new updates like a smartass. Smart watches have their own share of pros. Yet, many of us do think twice if a smart watch is well, technologically smart as your smart watch.

The question that many of us ask is, ‘would a smart watch be able to take over the place of smart phones?’ Here is why it might sooner than later.

The factors that want you make using a smart watch more often

Let’s face it. Using a smart watch is a lot more fun than say using a smart phone. With the new Android Gear introduced by Google for smart watches, you can actually look forward to playing amazing games here too. True, your phone does have a bigger screen, but then is bigger always the better? The tech watch scores here because of its accessibility – you can access them lot more easily. No more pulling out your phone from the pocket. The watch rests right there on your wrist. You can see new notifications with just a tap on the watch screen.

Best, you do not lose a smart watch as easily as you lose your phone. Why? Because you only tend to take off the watch when you are home and do not take out or leave it at another place. More, these watches are water resistant too so if you go in for a swim mistakenly, it shouldn’t really be a problem.

So, Where Is The Problem?

Well, critics have got one thing right. The smart watch doesn’t have as big as a screen as your iPhone. Thus, you wont really want to play Fifa 14 there in your smart watch. What’s more, due to its limited size, expect that the tech watch wouldn’t sport as advanced features or processors as the latest flagship smart phones. However, with recent advancements, it is becoming clearer that we would see a lot more of the smart watch. Let’s face it. Even the Sony Ericcson Xperia Mini had a 600 MHz processor – and this is a phone that was popular even four years ago. It functioned well and the only problem was its battery life. Smart watches can easily match specs like that. So, unless you are trying to work on resource intensive work on your smart watch, which you probably aren’t, it would work fine.

The bigger problem though, is another. It is the fact that smart watches rarely tend to work on its own. It needs its big brother, the smart phone to work properly. While we have seen some watch models that run on its own, most do not. Even the Android Wear OS has been designed keeping in mind that there will be a relationship between the two. While there is a distinct possibility that these tech watches can function on their own, not many companies, especially the biggies would want smart watches to be standalone devices. After all, that would mean people buying one and leaving the other!




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