Best Social Media Strategies for Events in 2021

Your best social media strategy for an event should include a concrete plan for three major stages of your event. These three stages are before, during, and after the event. Rigorously planning the event strategy for all three stages will make your event stand out from others with a remarkable impression on your audience. 

Framing the social media strategy for your event, for all three stages, will help you attract more audience, sell more tickets, keep the audience engaged, and establish a rapport with a wider audience.

Thus, in this growing social media, promoting your event on social media channels retrieves you great benefits. So let’s start learning how to boost your event by framing a robust social media strategy. 

Social Media Strategy – Before Event Begin

Define Audience & Social Media Channel

Your social media strategy for the event starts with the creating plan before the beginning of the event. First, you need to start with defining your event audience. It depends on your industry type, event theme, product type, demographics, geographic, and audience interaction with your brand. 

Along with that you also need to find the relevant social media channel where your target audience stays active. 

Hashtag Campaign To Create Buzz

Once you find your target audience and the social media channels they are actively using, then it is time to strategize to create buzz for your upcoming event. So how will I do that on social media platforms? 

As you may already know the power of the hashtag, running a catchy and attractive hashtag campaign for your event will eventually result in huge awareness of your event. When people see their friends and family posting hashtags of your event, it will increase interest in more people that you are unable to reach. 

Provide Complete Event Details

Before the commencement of your event, it is important that you provide complete information about your event to your audience. Precisely and frequently you should post on your decided social media channels to release the information about your event. 

This will make sure that your audience will get all the information and find what they will get from your event. 

Provide Promo Code or Offers For First Few Limited Seats 

To instantly sell more tickets and encourage your interested audience to buy your products, then providing discounts coupons, and codes for limited seats will be an amazing deal. Customers are always interested in getting things at low-cost prices. Hence, providing offers and deals will increase the number of sales of your event tickets. 

Social Media Strategy – During The Event

Use Livestreaming Opportunity

If you want to optimally harness the power of social media for your event, utilizing a live streaming feature for your event will increase audience engagement and encourage the wide audience to become a part of your event 

If you are organizing an in-person event, let your social media audience attend your event through social media live streaming concurrently. 

Display Social Media Wall

Next, you can increase the engagement of your event audience by showcasing social media walls during your event. Display a social wall is a growing trend in the event industry and many brands and companies have achieved remarkable success by displaying social media walls into their event. 

Design your social media wall with the hashtag campaign posts, Twitter posts, Instagram posts, user-generated content, RSS feeds, YouTube videos, etc. as per your audience persona. 

Social Media Strategy – After Event

Repost Hashtag Post

Now when your event has ended, your social media strategy should include promoting the event highlights on social media channels. So you can start by reposting the hashtag campaign posts on your social media channels. It will showcase to your followers the engagement of your fans and audience with your hashtag campaign. Moreover, reposting the hashtag posts or user-generated content will also build a reputation and relationship with your audience. 

Upload Event Video

Another way to boost your social media strategy is by uploading small video clips from your event. Showcasing the video of the event will showcase a glimpse of your event. The advantage of displaying event video clips is that it will bring engagement of followers who were part of the event through the comment section, likes, and shares. Those who missed out on the event will get to know about the quality of your event as well as what people are saying about your event. Hence next time more people will be interested in joining your event.


Social media platforms are not only limited to business promotions, but it also is a perfect tool to promote events. With the above-mentioned social media strategies, you will be able to interact, deliver, and build a rapport with your audience in all three crucial stages of your event – before, during, and after. 

From increased awareness, ticket sales, audience engagement, to growing interest, reaching more people, to building a reputation with your audience, creating a social media strategy is the most important element for a successful event. Hence, use the above-mentioned social media strategy and achieve remarkable success with your event. 


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