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Blackberry Apps To Make Today With OS 10


Blackberry, known for its widely accepted and liked interface has now come out with the new Blackberry OS 10. Looking at this platform from an app entrepreneurial point of view, this is the right time to explore and dive more into the app creation strategies, which are targeted more by the blackberry lovers.

Do not think of Blackberry as a lost cause – there is still juice to it. The over 10 million downloads of the BBM app in the Android platform and its success in the iOS platform has just taught us that people still love the company (and its messenger).

With the latest addition of android app support in the Blackberry platform, app entrepreneurs have more to look on. When creating apps, one should have a clear idea about the type of customers he is targeting. Testing the app with a special set of customers as a preliminary measure needs to be done before offering it to the public (Google is doing it with its Glasses, and why shouldn’t you?)

What apps do Blackberry users want? And how can app entrepreneurs make it more compelling?

Here is a Look:

  • Messaging and Communication Apps: People like Blackberry more for its user-friendliness in the area of instant messaging and communication like the E- Mail applications etc. Concentrating on the creation of new and innovative apps will make the currently available applications more compatible to the present trends. It will fetch good ratings for the app that will be profitable for the app entrepreneurs.
  • Applications with Comparatively Lower Cost or Free Apps: In app markets of other competing platforms, one of the major issues on hand is the high pricing. We have stressed on the freemium model in many of our previous blog posts. While with the limited number of users, a freemium model for the Blackberry store might not seem feasible, you need to make sure that apps are priced reasonably if not free. High ratings are a sure bet for the apps which are good, affordable or free cost. The ratings will generate good revenue for the entrepreneurs and allow them to get a wider audience for the future projects.
  • New Genre of Apps: Blackberry still doesn’t have a great number of apps. Consider this – there is no Skype on the Blackberry store! Considering the fact, a good video sharing app can help. There is a plethora of apps that you can make for Blackberry – as there is still a considerable less number of apps in the Blackberry marketplace.
  • Android Applications: The newly introduced Android application compatibility in Blackberry should be correctly utilized, as the conventional Blackberry users will be more interested in trying out the trendy Android applications (and this can be a great asset for you as an app developer). Applications that are convenient for using on both the platforms should be created as it attracts potential customers.



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