Boyfriend Tracker – A New App That Made Waves In Brazil

Jealousy and insecurity are the major human emotions which can make a human take steps that cannot really be defined as righteous. Entrepreneur Matheus Grijo, a 24-year-old Sao Paulo based app developer, grasped this idea while joking around with his girlfriend and friends and gave the people of Brazil what they wanted; an application via which any person can track another.

The app allows the downloader to track the location of the other person, receive duplicate messages and also hear phone conversations they have. The app requires downloading in the other person’s phone as well; the free version shows the icon of the app on the screen whereas the paid version of $2 hides the icon. Though people do disapprove of the app as it violets not only privacy but could also have grave implications such as stalking and extortion.

About Boyfriend Tracker Application

So, Can You Download The App?

Unfortunately, the app has now been removed from Google play. Google stated that the removal happened as the app was against their company policy. Interestingly, when people of Brazil were questioned as to what their views on the app were, most of them agreed that keeping in mind the polygamist attitude of the people in Brazil, it is good to be well informed as to what exactly their partner is up to. The app had the user ship of 50,000+ in a short span of time. It may trigger the moral consciousness but it is what people want and it is what will sell.

What’s In Store for App Developers?

Can we as app developers understand the want of people? And bridge the gap between wanting it and achieving it? Why does the app – true caller have more than 1, 00,000 users? It is because the developers of the app identified a set of global issues that faced universal requirement of disclosure of the caller before answering a call, blocking numbers and finding numbers.

So What Can You Do?

Firstly, identify your target market and see whether it is national or global. Identify the basic need of the person that they cannot fulfil on their own; something they probably wouldn’t even disclose they indulge in; what can be a more discreet way than using an application on your smartphone? This should be a thorough study because what we may perceive as being a need may not necessarily be so in the exact situation.

Let’s wrap it up!

Somebody once said – don’t look in the mirror when you should be looking outside the window. The adage is very important to keep in mind before generating anything for a large number of people. Create more temptations, easier accessibility, provide additional features and an easy and interesting interface and you have yourself an app that will sell widely, but of course do bear its short comings and implications in mind like violation of privacy in the case of the boyfriend tracker. You of course, do not want to end up with a similar fate!



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