Bucket of Best Apps for Entrepreneurs

Days are so short. No, I am not talking about winters, I am talking about entrepreneurs. Winters come and go, once an entrepreneur always an entrepreneur. When you take the responsibility of being an entrepreneur, you do feel days are so short and nights even shorter, the only thing that’s long is the list of work. Rigorous research, client communication, and meetings, maintaining old clients and fetching the new ones, handling expenses and revenue, managing team members, conduct social events, managing social media, managing the business and at the same time work on converting the business into a brand. That’s tough!!! Doing everything single-handedly asks for too much dedication. Well, we can’t share your workload but what we can do is to lead you to productivity app development which will work as an assistant save you time and boost your productivity.

Superior Apps for Entrepreneurs

1) Pocket App

Good things don’t come across when you have time and opportunity to pay heed to. They always pop up when you are stuck in the middle of something and when you go looking for the same, they are gone, vanished disappeared. You wish to trap those astonishing things to explore them in your free-time, learn something new, take motivation, or any sort of thing. Well, Pocket can help you in such situations. Whether you are checking your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or reading some news site, or searching some business buzz and come across something amazing but can’t really afford to read the thing at that moment, a pocket app can help to save all those stuff to watch it later. Isn’t it amazing, all good stuff stored at one place to access at your desired time?

2) Slack App

Entrepreneurs have a bulk of people to manage and for that communication is a must. Slack is a mobile app that helps the entrepreneurs to keep their related team members, clients and other parties keep connected aiding them to communicate at their desired time eradicating the need of mediator to pass the things and create confusions and complexities. Communication, file and document sharing, and instant messaging all is on one platform. And yes, Slack can sync between the devices. This means you are at work, you are accessing slack through desktop and when you leave the office premises, you can resume things through your mobile app.

Best Apps for Entrepreneurs

3) App of Charlie

It’s amazing how mobile app development can make things so much convenient. Business meets are a part of entrepreneurs life and creating an impression on the client is mandatory. This takes so much effort to gather information about the client, about their business, their condition, their issues and what can really hit them. Social media is one of the platforms you can gather such information from. But finding that person on all the social media platform and digging out this information from each platform can be time-consuming. What if just one platform can help you gather every teeny weeny detail about the client? Yes, Charlie can do that for you. You just need to feed the name of the person you are looking forward to schedule a meeting and the app will come up with all the relevant information fetched from different social media platforms. Mutual friends, mutual things of interest, issues with the company, their business position and so on. You can bang on when you have such deep knowledge about the client.

4) Hemingway App

You don’t fix a meeting straight away, the things start with a formal conversation over email then Skype or any official platform. It all initiates with writing. Who would probably be interested to work with an entrepreneur who makes writing blunders or is not impressive for formal chatting? You will not, I will be not, probably anyone would not. You might probably be good with entrepreneurship but not with communication, you can end with screwing your business. Not if you are using Hemingway app. The app helps you improve your writing skills, give suggestion to make complex sentences simpler, long sentences short, and grammatical errors corrected. Your pitches will be pitch perfect, your sales report will be precise and perfect, and your client letters will be correct when you use such mobile app.

5) Evernote App

You are at a dinner with your date and an amazing idea of food delivery app development hits your mind, what will you do? You might not be going on a date with book and pen to jot it down. Evernote can be your blessing in disguise. You will definitely carry your phone wherever you go and so will your digital diary. It will help you gather and note ideas in variegated formats, attaching docs and images, scan them, comment on the things like sketches and business cards, share creative ideas and take reviews from others about the same.

Well, did you find something that interests you? Something that can help you? Go ahead and download it. However, if you are looking forward to developing a similar app for your enterprise and hunting for a mobile app development company, 360 Degree Technosoft is a company to consider.



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