Can You Make the Killer Smartwatch App?

After colonizing smart phones and tablets with thousands of apps, app developers are surely looking at making apps for smartwatches as well. However, apps for smartwatches have been far too few and those that made it are simple apps that do not add in the glitz a smart phone app does. For instance, with a Sony Smartwatch, posting updates to social networks like Facebook, getting weather updates and playing games like Tic Tac Toe is all you can do (except of course, seeing the time!). The question is why can’t we choose from a plethora of apps like we do in our smart phone?

Smartwatch App

The Change Has Come
Now, with companies like Samsung, Google and Apple taking the concept of smartwatch seriously, the time has now come for app developers to step up. Recently, Google announced its own OS version for Android watches, the Android Wear.

So, What Trends Are We Seeing?
Smartwatches and health and fitness apps definitely go together. At least that’s what recent trends tell us. Smartwatches are smart wearable devices and health apps can do a number of things including measuring your footsteps to measuring your heartbeat.

What’s Keeping Developers Afar?
The question is why are developers shy from going into the wearable app ecosystem? The obvious answer seems to be that the wearable app system is pretty fragmented at the moment. Samsung has its own OS on its wearable smartwatches and Sony has its own as well. Quite frankly, Google’s Android Wear is a welcome change will surely change that to a lot of extent.

Here Is What You Need To Keep In Mind As An App Developer:

  • You need not necessarily create an app that enriches the smart phone or tablet experience that’s connected with the smart watch. You can make the app stand by itself. Try making apps that are unique – take in case the Allthecooks Google Glass app, a wearable app – which can allow hands free cooking. All you need to do is look at the recipe instructions which is at an eye level when you are wearing the Google Glass, of course!
  • Quite simply, now is the time to break into the smartwatch market as smartwatch shipments will soar during the next five years with most major companies including Motorola coming out with their own smartwatches.
  • Right now, you could try making health apps. The possibilities in this niche are endless you could try creating dieting apps or workout apps – they might work great on smartwatches with their advanced sensors and social media integration.

The initial problems app developers had to face including making apps for different and varied platforms and environments when it came to smartwatches are definitely coming to an end. With most people owning a smart phone these days, companies have realized that the next big thing to sell is smartwatches. No wonder you get smartwatches that look cool and trendy today and not those big sized odd looking ugly technology products of 3 years back.

The question is where do you start as an app developer making an app for the smartwatch?


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