Cheap Costing Apps That You Can Make

The colossal market of the mobile applications has always been a fantastic platform for the app entrepreneurs to show their talent and generate immense revenue from their work. The users generally support and use those applications which are comparatively cheaper or if even better are free.

That brings us to the question, what should an entrepreneur keep in mind?

Cheap Costing Apps
Well, an application will be more beneficial if its generation cost is not very high and it is available at a low price for the users. You cannot invest $300 million for designing a game and rake in profits of over $1 Billion every time (read GTA V profits!).

There are many cheap costing apps in the market; going on the lines of which, an entrepreneur can create other similar apps.

  • Gaming Segment: An app entrepreneur who is making an application related to gaming niche should have it in mind that it should not become too extravagant as this might result in the app getting expensive. Obviously, a large app which provides a lot of functions will be high price, and thus, an entrepreneur should make sure that the game is simple, but still addictive. For example, Angry Birds. It is arguably the most popular and widely used gaming app in the world and costs less than $1.
  • Communication Segment: In the class of the apps related to communication, the cost of the apps can be reduced by keeping them simple. The app should only provide for the basic facilities which it is designed for. However, it is extremely important that it should be highly-efficient and flawless in providing them. For example, Skype. It is a simple communication app which is highly popular, so much so that any application entrepreneur, who wants to bump into the job of communication apps, should take a lesson from it.
  • Movies Segment: There has always been a high demand of the various applications related to the movies. To create a cheap movie application, the developer must have it in mind that the app is fulfilling all the needs to the user. There should not be any extra unnecessary content in it which can increase its cost. For example, Movies by Flixster. If you want to know the timings of a movie show, or book your tickets for the same, or even if you are looking for the closest cinema theatre to you, then this is the app you should have.
  • Travel Apps: Another popular application segment is the Travel segment. The users always try to look for cheap travel apps which can let them know about the places they are traveling to and can help them to get a hang of those places. The developer should include the reviews, GPS connectivity, navigation and other such facilities in this segment. For example, the Tripadvisor app is a free of charge portal to know about various cities and about their restaurants, hotels etc.

Apart from the above niches, there may be other app segments like sports, lifestyle and business which also require cheap and efficient apps.


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