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Convert PDF to Word With Ease Using Your iPhone


In one of my previous articles I gave you the tips on how to edit Excel tables on iPad, but now I want to show you some workarounds when it comes to editing PDF documents and for that little trick you will only need your iPhone.

Nowadays, most people use MS Word to create their text documents. We use it to write research papers, create resumes, fill in forms, etc. But the Word documents are prone to be inconsistent when viewed on different versions of the same program or across different operating systems. As one of the HR people that I met stated, resumes sent in Word documents are begging for editing.

To avoid these unnecessary detours in your job searching journey, you would be better off if you save the resume as a PDF document. These file formats are shareable, secure and they will look the same on every device and OS. However, once you save your document as a PDF, you can’t edit it any further. In case you haven’t saved your original Word document, then you need to retype the new version of the document from scratch.

To allow one document to go back and forth from PDF to Word, you would need the PDF to Word Converter iOS app. With this app, you can use only your iPhone to convert any PDF to Word, without even having to turn on your computer. The main takeaway from converting PDFs on your iPhone is how easily this can be accomplished.

You can convert files from the device or files that are in the Gmail attachments. If your files are in the cloud, they can be converted as well. It’s possible to access your Google Drive, Onedrive, iCloud, Box, and Dropbox accounts directly from the app. Back to my previous point about mobility, you can convert your PDF while being held in traffic or while drinking coffee at break time.

PDF to Word Converter app has no limits on free conversions, although the conversion will take some time. You can send the file for conversion when you go to a lunch break so when you come back, your file will be converted. For those that are in a hurry, there is an option to upgrade to fast conversions, too.

So, you convert PDF to Word, what now? Well, now there are no more obstacles for you to make changes to your resume or fill in forms. Just use your preinstalled text editor, MS Word app, Pages or Google Docs and make desired changes by typing them on your iPhone.

After editing the document, make sure to double check for any grammar errors or typos that might have slipped through. When you are one hundred percent sure that everything is in order, save the file as PDF and you are ready to go. Or in this case, just forward your edited PDF or upload it to cloud if you want to keep it for later.



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