Does Your Business Really Need Mobile App?

A growing business needs publicity. It needs to imprint its value in the minds of its potential customers. How does one do that in today’s world with an ever-growing competition and the bombardment of adverts and messages that people receive via social networking? How do you, as a business, personally reach your customer? Does your business really need mobile app?

Does Business Need Mobile App?


Your Business Needs Mobile App


A Burgeoning Mobile App Economy

It has been estimated by experts that the mobile app industry raked in close to 18 million dollars in revenue in 2012. What is triggering this trend? It is the simple fact that people are spending more time on their smart phones than on their PCs. Mobile banking, shopping, socializing, etc., are indicators that the mindset of the potential customer is changing. They want easy accessibility.

An Added Platform for Advertising

Your Business Needs A Mobile App

If you are confused and thinking: does your business need mobile app, then here is one word for you: promotion. Yes, with exposure on mobile devices via your app, you can advertise and promote your business. Making your app available across platforms such as Android and iOS will help you reach more customers.

Push Over E-mail

The first definite advantage that you get with your very own mobile app is push notification. People spend most of their time with their smart phones. Therefore, with a mobile app, you can send messages via push that will reach your customer faster. Moreover, there are less chances of your message landing in the dreaded ‘spam’ folder!

An Edge over Social Networking

A dedicated app for your business on the Smartphone of a customer means that you get more direct control. Facebook, Twitter and scores of other social networking sites may help in this process, but nothing gets better than immediate attention. Rather than battling it out with competitors on social networking pages, vying for attention (and hopefully, a click!), you can now, directly talk to your customer.

A Lot More Information Sharing

If you invest in a good mobile app for your business, you can decide what information you can share with your potential clients. Useful links such as, ‘Visit our site for more info’, placed skillfully within the app can be a great tool. You can also attract customer attention by announcing new deals, innovations or any such information via your mobile app. This way, you make sure that the information does reach all your customers.

Why Business Requires Mobile Application

Immediate Feedback

Feedback for any business is crucial. At a time when the customer is literally the ‘King’, your mobile app can help you understand the direction that your business is taking. Customers who frequently use mobile apps are also involved in feedback. This feedback, positive or negative, can help you improve as you now know your customer better.

Repeat Business for You

If you invest in a quality mobile app, there are chances that it will generate repeat business for you. Imagine a customer who has done business with you. He liked your service and wants to avail of it again. What do you think will be more convenient for him? Logging in via the internet, calling your customer care, sending you an e-mail or simply tapping on your mobile app to contact you? Still thinking: does your business needs mobile app?



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