Facebook & Twitter in Race for ‘Buy Button’. Who Will Win?

With Flurry Analytics confirming that 17% of user-action is found on Facebook, followed by 11% on Twitter. Social sites have all the more reason to join the e-selling band-wagon.

Imagine if you could log on to Facebook or Twitter. Find the pair of shoes you were looking for and directly purchase them, with just a single click. Wouldn’t that be a great way to save time? Besides, you save all those extra efforts needed to switch from one website or app to the other.

Facebook Buy Button

In a bid to stay relevant, while offering something unique to its users. This time, Facebook is trying out a new buy button for its website and app. This button is being tested on its New Feed pages and ad posts. For now, Facebook won’t be charging marketers anything, for the button. But, it hasn’t ruled out future possibility.

Why Brands Can Sell Via Facebook?

The very reason Facebook attracts sellers, from all over the world is due to its high traffic. Facebook showed traffic of 167.35 million, unique United States visitors. Until July 2014, Facebook was confirmed the second highest visited site after Google and continue to grow.

Facebook’s buy button offers a one-click buy solution, literally. Tweet this.

Facebook is in the process of testing an Auto-Fill with Facebook functionality. This will be used to automatically enter user’s payments details while making a purchase, via an e-commerce app. Users credit card data is not traded upon or shared, in any way. Collection of credit card information, will give Facebook a chance to foray into e-trade, much better.

Facebook’s buy button is obviously a smart and quick way to boost sales. The speciality of its buy button is that it does not lead users to a new screen asking for their credit card details. As all this information is already saved in the Facebook account, it gets extracted from there. Users can easily edit their credit card details, as and when needed.

Twitter & Facebook Buy Now Buttons

Secondly, the buy button eliminates the need to follow a lengthy check-out process. Even first time users can simply hit the button to complete their purchasing order.

Twitter Buy Button

After virtually neglecting the power of e-commerce, Twitter seems to be interested in it. Off lately, like Facebook, it is testing a buy button in tweets, to enable shopping via Twitter.

Twitter hired Ticketmaster CEO Nathan Hubbard to boost its commerce initiatives. Twitter has joined hands with shopping platform Fancy, Musictoday, direct creatives seller Gumroad and mobile payments company Stripe. Initially, sellers will include retailers like Burberry, The Home Depot, non-profits such as Donors Choose, Glide, RED and musicians like Demi Lovato, Eminem and Pharrell.

Why Brands Can Sell Via Twitter?

Twitter recorded a six percent increase in its traffic, owing to the World Cup. Twitter saw revenue soaring to 124% during the quarter. The average number of people, in June, rose to six percent from its March quarter.

Twitter’s buy button is a few-taps service, for eager buyers. Tweet this.

Twitter users will just have to tap its buy button. View product details; enter shipping address and other payment information. After which their order confirmation is passed on to the merchant site for timely delivery.

According to Re/Code, buy buttons could be seen on Twitter’s mobile app. Though, they did not seem to function, button tapping lead to a check-out page, popping up in Twitter’s app.

As of now, Twitter is tight-lipped about the buy button story. Besides, spokes-people at Fancy did not respond to the news, as well. Guess, will have to wait to see if Twitter is really thinking of indulging into an online commerce.

What To Expect?

It will be rather interesting to see how Facebook and Twitter change or impact the e-commerce ecosystem.  Users are eager to check-out the new buying-option on their favourite social networks. While, brands prepare to exploit new markets.

How about you?

Are you excited to buy via Facebook & Twitter? Share your views here.



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