Why Flutter Considered As Trend Setter Mobile App Development Frameworks?

Flutter has made its niche presence in app development with its open-source Software Development Kit (SDK) widely used for building high-performance iOS and Android apps using a single code base. Launched way back in 2018, it is one of Google’s versatile cross-platform frameworks for developing secure and performance-savvy cross-platform apps rich in native user experience. 

No wonder Flutter is already a trendsetter in the app development world. Before you decide to hire Flutter developers for your next app project, consider these trendsetting advantages of Flutter. 

Layered Architecture 

Flutter comes with a layered structure to allow developers to build highly customized apps in far less time and requiring far fewer efforts. Thanks to this layered architecture, bringing changes in the app codebase is also very easy and can be done thanks comfortably to the hot reload feature. 

Flutter coming with a great reserve of inbuilt widgets to customize the app for the developers is easy. These aspects also help developers to build an iOS app with a different look and feel from its Android counterpart while using the same codebase. 

Easy Portability Across Platforms 

One of the biggest value propositions for the Flutter is its portability across multiple platforms. It is not just a cross-platform framework for building an app that runs on both iOS and Android; it is also a framework to help you build the app version for desktop and web.

Though React and Xamarin also come closer to Flutter as a cross-platform development framework with a lot of customization friendly plugins and widgets, after Google introduced the Hummingbird last year and provided web support to Flutter, the framework enjoys a clear edge over the competitors. 

Using the Widgets to Advantage 

Flutter comes with a deep reserve of features, and they are offered through a variety of libraries or widgets. Thanks to this, creating custom user interfaces and user experiences of mobile apps become much easier. 

Thanks to this widget-based development approach, Flutter can be used for creating various UIs and app UX attributes as per the app niches. Different UIs can be created for apps for different niches easily with Flutter widgets and libraries.   

Hot Reloading

Rapid application development is a crucial and widely acclaimed advantage of using the Flutter framework for app projects. This becomes possible thanks to the Hot Reloading or Hot Restart feature allowing the developers to instantly see and experience changes in the app code. 

This approach is beneficial on several levels. From assessing the app size in real-time during the development to the result of the accompaniment of a variety of widgets in terms of app user experience and performance, hot reloading helps to evaluate and test the app almost concurrently with the development process. 

Faster Coding and App Testing

It is well known that writing the code for two app versions across iOS and Android takes much less time than writing different codebases for separate app projects across the platform. Apart from this reusability of the codebase and the single comprehensive testing approach, Flutter with a layered approach easily ensures creating native layers for the apps. All these results in speedier development and fast-paced app testing. 

The Advantage of Dart Language 

Dart is the language that is designed and optimized with UI elements for the Flutter framework. Dart syntax is clean and easy to understand, and this results in easy standardization, smooth maintenance, and streamlined coding.

Developers can also quickly cope up with Flutter as Dart syntax is very close to C# and TypeScript. This also makes Flutter a good choice for app development companies, with most developers having C# expertise. 

Great for MVP App Projects 

The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a popular and useful development approach to build an app quickly and shape the user experience by validating through user feedback. This approach also prevents app projects’ failures while helping development companies control the cost of developing and utilizing resources. 

Flutter perfectly fits into this mobile app development services approach as the framework is fully optimized for the quick turnaround time. With its platform-independent capability, it allows building the app simultaneously for the web, mobile, and desktop. Thanks to Flutter, you can build and launch an app across multiple platforms and continue to add value based upon user feedback and responses. 

Capability to Build Complex and Custom UIs 

Coming with a rich reserve of widgets, Flutter is capable of building very complex UI with a consistent look and feel across different app versions built for different operating platforms.

Flutter offers ready to use animation through large and rich libraries that can easily be supported with Flutter animation. The Flutter UI elements help create a polished and smooth look for the apps with custom screens. 

Highly Responsive and Mobile-Friendly Look 

The best thing about Flutter is that even when it is used to develop a desktop and web app alongside mobile versions, the developers can maintain a highly consistent and responsive look and feel for multiple device screens. 

Flutter app developers can easily integrate the native device features and functionalities while using the native app layers in their projects. Despite code reusability, these native UX attributes make Flutter so special. 


With so many unique value propositions converging every important aspect in the cross-platform and native app development, Flutter definitely deserves to be the trendsetter as a framework. As all signs indicate, Flutter among the app development frameworks will hold the key to mobile app projects’ innovations. 


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