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Functional Features of Web Applications: What Does Your Business Need?

Functional features of web applications What does your business need

Many companies are thinking about driving digital transformation within their various departments. Others already have some web solution, but this is expensive to maintain and does not have all the tools that a web app to their needs. Do you want to know what processes and functionalities your web application should incorporate? Are you looking for an app for commercials and want to hire web developer and do not know where to start? Keep reading!

There is a wide variety of software possibilities and ways to acquire it. Some have many features that, although at first, they may seem useful, then they really do not adapt to the needs of a developer team. Others fall short and do not offer optimal performance. But there are also apps for commercials capable of adapting to each type of client and developing a scalable and functional technology.

When we are looking to increase sales, the first recommendation to take into account when choosing an app capable of managing orders is that it is developed by a progressive web app developer, that has the necessary knowledge and experience in the sector and that offers the best guarantees in security and adaptability, especially at the time of undertaking a correct integration of the app with the current enterprise ERP. In short, the application must be reliable, useful and adaptable, since in this way the business results will begin to be observed from the first year of use and implementation.

The ten functionalities that a web application must have to sell:

1. Usability and versatility

The web application must be intuitive and easy to use, versatile and scalable, to facilitate its adoption by the entire team. Only in this way will it be possible to get the most out of it and that all commercial agents will use it correctly.

In addition, it must be interactive and provide optimal customer experience, to transmit the best brand image and provide as much data as possible (where the prospect clicked, which photos he liked the most, which marketing pieces worked best …).

On the other hand, it must be multiplatform and multi-language, capable of adapting to all types of operating systems to ensure its correct use in any of the devices that the company possesses.

Finally, the web application must be ready for use in offline mode. Your commercials often face 3G signal problems. Avoid leaving them lying around because of a coverage problem.

2. Geolocation

Any web application to sell must work this function very well. Not only to geolocate the seller but also to optimize the commercial routes and facilitate geolocation of on-site reports, which record place (latitude-longitude position), time, client, type of action and report content.

This feature, in turn, facilitates the analysis of reports from the central and ensures access to the management of customers and items from any time and place.

3. Analytics and statistics center

  • Possess an Advanced Statistics Center that facilitates the analysis of data and that is custom web development. Such tools incorporate:
  • KPI’s of sales by agent, company, client, catalog and period
  • Sales TOPS by agent, company, customer, catalog and period
  • Graph grouped sales by agent, company, article, customer, customer-article, catalog and period
  • Evolution of sales by agent, company, article, customer, customer-article, catalog and period.
  • Optimally managing the performance data will allow you to correctly manage the budget, monitor the fulfillment of objectives, and web application improvements in decision making and other advantages.

4. Personalization

The web application to sell must have a series of designs and a structure that facilitates the incorporation of products and pieces in each customized catalog, as well as the customization of certain aspects of the platform (input image, language, input video, printed orders, the possibility of adding additional information, etc.)

5. Integration

A tool that complies with this functionality will provide key data on the behavior of customers and will allow anticipating their needs. A web application for commercials shows key information of each client, allows targeting and streamlines customer management.

6. Synchronization on and off-line

Not only is one of the necessary features of any web application to sell efficiently, but also one of the trends of mobile CRM software for 2018. Losing the connection to our database in the middle of a visit is an impediment to closing a sale successfully. Therefore, having a web application capable of working offline and online will avoid any loss of information, and web application to sell.

7. Autonomy

The sales software must provide all of our salespeople with access to all the information about the customer at a single click, as well as all the digital catalogs available on the same device. To provide autonomy to the sales force, the utility must have a local data exchange service or back office – progressive web app developer in, synchronization of clients with the contact book of each device and an unlimited number of clients and control of the stock in real time.

8. Adaptation

This functionality must refer to several aspects. In the first place, the sales web application must be flexible and adaptable to the corporate image – it is what we know in as the Look & Feel configuration. Secondly, it must have the ability to adopt certain functionalities or create them from scratch according to the particularities of each client. Finally, it must allow the connection with any ERP, to achieve an automatic integration, with the consequent saving of management times, since no data has to be entered manually.

9. Omni-channeling

The Omni-channel mobility solutions are especially useful for fairs, events, and showrooms, where they facilitate the availability of data and contacts of all customers on all devices, a centralized printing service compatible with any printer, also guaranteeing data security.

10. Security

Of course, the data we have has to be safe. Security is very important in a web application to sell since we have a lot of information about clients and other types of confidential data so always hire web developer you can trust. In your case, to guarantee this security incorporates a large list of functionalities. Among them, they stand out:

• Automatic updates of the program

• Web application information protected against device drops and more extreme cases.

• Encryption.

• Disabling and remote supervision of the program.

• Protected Access.

• Send rates and catalogs filtered by agent

• Protection of data rates.

• Tools for the resolution of incidents.

• System recovery.

Different types of web applications can be useful for businesses in various ways. Web portals have different types of features that are collected at one place for a particular location. Online-available internal business app companies facilitate data sharing. Professional automation solutions connect to in-house systems and allow easy remote control. Finally, customer-facing web applications can be as simple as a one-page micro-site or can be complex as an ecommerce web app with more than 100,000 items.

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