Gaming Or Utility Apps – Where To Invest?

As an app developer, we have all gone through the same dilemma. The question seems simple but is often too tough to answer. What kind of app should we build? Which kind of app is better? Which app would fetch a better return? The questions can be many.

It is extremely important for an application developer to understand the app marketplace before making an application. The trends in this domain change at a lightning speed and if you aren’t able to keep up with them, you are very likely to get eliminated from the competition. However, there are plenty of opportunities in this field provided you concentrate on the right niche at the right time. If statistics are to be believed, games and utility apps are the two domains that account for a major portion of the total application revenue collected worldwide.

Being an application developer you will definitely be looking to tap the potential of your app. But what do you invest in is the big question here.

Utility Apps versus Games
In the initial stages of application development, creating a game was not only a tedious process but also involved a great deal of money. Most developers abstained from making games simply because spending a huge amount on just an application just did not seem legit. Furthermore, novice app developers didn’t possess enough resources to make the app look so elaborate and fancy. Nonetheless, times have changed and making a game isn’t heavy on the pocket. With more designers and programmers available it has become very easy to shape up your ideas in the form of a game.

Nevertheless, it isn’t always great to channelize all your resources on creating a game. Purchasing an existing code and making slight changes though seems to be an economical way, will not provide long term success. A healthy return on investment can only be accomplished when you have a brilliant idea that would appeal to app users. There are many application developers who have been able to generate decent revenue with utility applications. Users always look for some applications that will make their regular tasks easier as well as faster. Utility apps are targeted to their specific requirements.

Why would you want to waste your time and money on a game that doesn’t engage users when you can design an amazing utility app? It all starts with a simple idea which can take your brand to a whole new level. It isn’t advisable to stick to a specific niche of applications when you can develop other kinds of apps too. Any type of app is possible provided it delivers what it claims to.

It is important that you research the marketplace before starting to create an application of any kind. Follow the trends and see what’s being currently preferred by users. In addition, it is better to assess the kind of resources you have and how they can be utilized to make the right application that can generate revenue.



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