Genres And Niches To Make An App

App entrepreneurs are always looking to earn more revenue from their applications. The total revenue not only depends on the platform for which the app has been created but also its genre. As per the stats published in July 2013, the top 10 grossing applications belong to the gaming niche. Every app developer’s primary focus is to make profits in the long term. Here are a few profitable app genres that can ensure success in the highly competitive market.

  • Social Networking: Today’s generation wants to connect anywhere and everywhere. This has paved way to social networking. A good social networking application for Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest can become popular in no time. People are always in search of intuitive and interactive applications to interact with their loved ones. With a massive user base which isn’t likely to fall, this field has a bright future.
  • Instant Messaging: This is one field that has witnessed phenomenal growth in the last couple of years. Smartphone users like to use IM application with file sharing features over the conventional text messaging. Popular messaging app WhatsApp boasts of over 200 million active users. In fact, this field is expected to grow in the years to come.
  • Gaming: Since smartphones started featuring top-notch graphic processors, this field hasn’t seen a dark day. These applications are great for both beginners as well as hard core gamers. App entrepreneurs can earn a great deal of revenue through in-app purchases and partner advertisements. All you have to do is create an amazing app and lure customers to download it.
  • Photography: Mobile phones boast of excellent cameras and to take the experience to a whole new level, photography and editing apps are a must have. People love to take pictures and upload them on social networking platforms. A well-designed app that is loaded with the right features will become an instant hit among budding photographers and those who love posing.
  • Productivity: Everyone is so busy nowadays that they need to take work while on the move. It is due to this reason that productivity apps have gained prominence in the market. Document creation and editing, calendars and others that allow users to store data on a cloud are helpful to users and profitable to app developers.

There are various niches to make an app but the prospects aren’t so bright as compared to the aforementioned ones. If you are confident of creating a brilliant app that does exactly as advertised, there is nothing stopping you. A great idea is all that it takes to make a good app.

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