Good News For iPad Users: WhatsApp Might be Launching iPad App

Its been 8 years Whatsapp has been in the market and in our devices not to forget. Well, it was just in the mobile devices till now. Whatsapp is taking an extra step now and is working on to launch an iPad app now. The acceptance and popularity of the WhatsApp are hyped to another level on a whole. Take any device and you will find this app for sure. However, the question hinders many minds, despite such huge success and popularity why has WhatsApp not taken any initiatives and make it available for the iPad as well. iPad users hunt for the alternate ways to use WhatsApp on their iPad like the jailbreak. Well, I guess the wait is going to be over soon.

WhatsApp Launching iPad App

Whatsapp is gearing up by setting the foot in the iPad app development. The reports have been coming from the WaBetaInfo that the company is preparing for the launch. It basically works for digging the app news, their upcoming launch, enticing features and so on. The team of the company explored a folder named Tablet-IOS. This clearly signifies that the work is being carried on Apple’s tablet. However the news not still confirmed yet. There is no clarity whether the app will launch in the form of a dedicated application or it is going to be a client application just like the web app for the MacBook users and windows. Well, it seems that we will just have to wait till the iPad app finally hits the Apple store.

WhatsApp Launching iPad App

Nothing is officially confirmed whether the news is true or not. If it is true how much time it will take to come in the market and what it is actually going to work like. Many people carry the assumption that WhatsApp for iPad is going to function just like the WhatsApp web and not like the app for the phone. Whatsapp web lets you use this app on your desktop given the condition that the phone must be connected to the net to let you access the app through the web. Well, will it be same for the iPad app as well or not is still a question unanswered. We are just discussing the possibilities here. The possibility is also there that just like the app for the mobile device, there will be a separate app for the iPad which will undergo the similar process as that of mobile devices which will function through LTE support and needs a phone number for registration and get it started.

Well, if the news turns out to be true, iPad app development company won’t be in any need to develop and users won’t be in any need to download any third party apps from the app store to avail the instant messaging service in your tablet. Another news that is buzzing is that WhatsApp might add a new feature named WhatsApp pay which let users pay and receive money with the app itself.



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