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Google Action Challenge Inflame Innovative App Development For Assistant


The intelligence crew at Google have come up an extravagant idea which supercharged the app developers morale and gave them a candle in the darkness. They have come up with a Google action challenge to encourage the newbies of the app development and hand them over a chance to portray their ingenious mobile app. The app developers are allotted with a task to incorporate Google assistant in their manifest. These apps should be fresh and when I say fresh it means something which has not been seen until May 2017. Google action is a challenge which avows the endowed developers to build Google assistant on Android and iPhone devices.

This challenge is the next massive move of the Google just like it’s other huge footsteps like Android O Beta, Google home, Android Go, VR and AR and such other announced at the Google I/O 2017. Google action challenge is two-way benefiting tactic, for the Google to come up new ideas and for developers to get a dreamy support platform from Google. Let’s make you familiar with the details.

Innovative App Development For Assistant

Who is the jury?

Developers creation will be judged by the crew of Google assistant team possessing positions of project managers, engineers, and UX experts.

Judgment criteria:
Prolific idea- How original and out of the box your app is.
Pertinency- Satisfaction of user needs.
Usage- Number of users connected with your app and the way they are using it.
Quality- How happy user are with your app and gives positive feedback of the same.

Deadline for challenge submission

The excitement level of the developers would be sky high and they would have put their best foot forward and have already submitted their future changing idea. If you haven’t then hurry up, the challenge is open only until August 31, 2017. Several submissions are needed before app approval so you better be early.

Alteration after submission

Well, alteration in design, function or any other zone is acceptable. However, it is not guaranteed that any changes after the deadline will be accounted by the judges.

Duration to get the app approved

Before the approval, the developer is bound to submit the app time and again. It’s advisable to submit the first version as early as possible so that you are left with the sufficient time to take feedback and make eligible changes in the same.

Wining date

Well, there is no specific date out to reveal the winner’s name but it is expected to be in this year at later date.

Limitation of app submission

App developers want to make optimum utilization of the golden opportunity they have come across and want to submit as many apps as they can. If not first then the second, if not second then third and the list goes on. Well, the jury will go mad judging these many apps and hence they set a limit of 3 apps per developer. 3 apps will be eligible only if they are exclusive in nature and divergent from one another.

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What’s the reward?

There is nothing more rewarding than getting a push for your app from game-changing identity Google. You will be flabbergasted to get the launch from the best set of people who will turn your career around by making your app focal point of the users. You are unable to do it on your own that’s something very certain and that itself is a grand reward for you.

Well, it’s not the end watch out for the other perks:

  • The primary winner gets the life long opportunity to take the memorable visit to the Google’s headquarters and take the mountain view in California.
  • Hold your excitement, the lucky one also gets the tickets to Google I/O 2018.
  • The lucky one also apprehends the chance to take a stroll around the campus, take meal and have one on one conversation with Google Assistant team.
  • Hold your breath developers, here comes the big one, you get a whopping amount of $10000.
  • There is also something for the second winner, it’s a prize of $7500 along with Google home.
  • Third position seeker is also encouraged with a prize of $5500 with a Google home.




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