Connect with the Right Physicians, Anytime (Most Promising Google Glass App is Here)

It’s 9:00 am in the morning.

I am flipping over my newspaper.

I am shocked. Bit annoyed.

I start reading again. New victim of potential Ebola Virus reported.

The test haven’t confirmed, yet. Investigations are on.

The country is under attack by a virus. What ‘new’ are we doing to prevent it?

I think for a while, in anger. Shut the newspaper. Head to work. With the thought still eating my soul.

Sigh of Relief…

Browsing the new developments in technology I stumble upon a new app – Remedy.


So, what does it do?

A Google Glass application, Remedy, helps patients easily find and connect with right physicians or specialists.

Wow. Sounds promising.

As we all know, how depressing it could be to search the right physician. In times, when you need them the most. Websites don’t help much. The endless jibber-jabber of friends, relatives, neighbours confuse us even more.

According to Noor Siddiqui, co-founder of Remedy, far-off experts analyse the medical situation of the patient, its treatment, diagnosis and procedure. Remedy’s software called Beam then transmits this real-time data via video, to this remote physician for further treatment.

Now just this, Remedy also offers:

  • Crisp and precise data for analysis
  • Cuts down respond time by experts
  • Ensures quick help (by ditching the traditional office-consultation activity)
  • Indirectly, enhances a medical institution’s productivity and success rate

Well. That’s impressive.

I wanna know more about Remedy now. But, hang on, I am short on time. Never mind. I am hooked for good 🙂

Inspired from her own visits to hospitals, Noor Siddiqui, derived the inspiration for Remedy. Siddiqui says, that like Uber (where she can order a cab, on the go, without any hassles) she wants a handy healthcare-system to communicate medical cases.

Something, with no strings attached.

She further states that technology can work in places where our traditional medical data-management system fails. To maintain and review data-stuffed files is as tedious for medical staff as for patients! Thus, is born Remedy.

To do away with the unwanted and get straight to the task. Why not?

Remedy – A Noble Kick-off

Backed by a team of four geniuses, Remedy seems to be ona serious mission.

Noor wishes to eradicate the useless hours spent on looking-up patient data, in computer files, elaborate forms and CDs. The app is backed by the idea, to give more time attending to and nursing the patients, than searching their medical history. Especially, the critical ones.

The app bridges the latent gap between the physicians and patients, ina smart and intuitive way. The idea works two ways, if you deeply examine it. It keeps societies and nations healthy as well as productive.

Build on the philosophy ‘to improve people’s lives’; Remedy has a long way to go. It’s easy-to-use, secure, user-friendly and result-focused. As an add-on, you can always request for a demo from them, to see what it can do for you?

Not surprising. The dedicated team at Remedy is on an expansion-mode.

In my opinion

I am sure the app market is steaming with thousands of medical apps. Being an app-enthusiast, none registered in my mind. So, first thing I am doing today during my lunch break. I am ordering a demo of Remedy. I am curious. Why? I really want to see it win in the wild, wide app jungle. I want everyone to get medical aid, as soon as they need it.

Actually, if you ask me personally. I feel, it is still time when physicians start warming up to such an out-of-the-way technology. What’s more? It’s hand-free and voice activated options do make it notice-worthy.Besides, it’s great for anyone like me who wants to get rid of the hospital queue.



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