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Google I/O 2014 Keynote: All You Need To Know


Apple’s WWDC this year was everything about iOS, Mac and the iPad. Widely successful, it led to anticipating whether Google’s I/O Keynote would strike the chords as well. Thankfully, Google did not disappoint.

Google demonstrated its intention to take its Android OS to nearly everything you can imagine, from your car to your laptop to even where you work. Google emphasized how Android was becoming more and more contextually aware and know more about you. So, whether it be talking to your device or pushing the button on your steering wheel, Google’s OS will know what to do. So, what were the major features of the event? Here is a look.

Android 5.0

Well, we all have Android KitKat. Now, it is time to look forward for the Android L. Now, developers will be able to download the operating system that has a new design and will sport other features like including pixel depth for the first time.  Developers can create one specific design and then import it to devices of different sizes with ease. As a developer, you can also include animation effects like ripples easily and add real time shadows as well.

New Way to Access Your Phone

With the new OS, you can get access to notifications right on the home screen. Your phone can also authenticate the user by checking signals like Bluetooth and location as well as voiceprint.


Get ready for new Chrome that offers fast, fluid animations at 60 frames per second which ensures that flipping through web pages is a breeze. Moving between web and apps is easier with the multitasking upgrade.

Apart from this, your Android L is contextually active so will know how to answer your different questions.

Android Wear

It is not only Android L that Google discussed on the day but Android Wear as well, it’s OS for smart watches. Google states that this OS will work in different screen configurations, including circular and square smart watches. Android Wear will even recognize your voice and you can interact with it easily. You can swipe up and down to see and dismiss notifications. There are different voice commands to which the smart watch will respond to you too. You dismiss an app and it dismisses the app on your smart phone too. You can of course do the regular functions like declining calls from your smart watch.

With Google Now, the smart watch will be contextually active and display appropriate results like restaurant reservation availability when you are in a restaurant. Health data like number of steps walked is also available.

The Android Auto

Well, Google is coming to your car too. The Android Auto is the OS for your car and can help you stay connected with your Android app. You can expect GPS navigation and communication to be at the forefront along with music. Being contextually aware (Again), the OS will give you relevant information like the distance to the gas station. Being voice enabled, you can just talk to it. The interface of this OS has been optimized for your car and developers will soon get access to the Auto SDK.  You can even listen to news and music along with other audio podcasts.

Apart from this, there is the introduction of the OS for your Android TV as well. The Android TV will feature the same API as for TV. With a built in Chromecast, you can just go to another person’s home and still play your videos and music.

Which feature did you like the most in the Google I/O keynote? Let us know.




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